Hello from Newport Beach!

Today is the last day of our trip...we've been having a great time with our kids, our friends & family and their kids.

Thursday afternoon hubby and I picked up the kids from camp and hit the road for our hotel in Newport Beach. We checked it and the hubby took the kids to the pool. I got dressed for my brother's law firm party. He just started his own firm and had a party to launch it. It was in downtown Los Angeles. I arrived and grabbed a glass of wine. Traffic was insane! I needed to relax....and eat.....

He had a great selection of appetizers. I had a couple of each. Here is my brother's wife and me:

For dessert I had one brownie (that had peanut butter in the middle!) and a piece of their HUGE chocolate chip cookie:

Afterwards, I made the drive back to the hotel. It was much faster that time. :)

I was super hungry when we all woke up Friday morning. We ordered room service. I had an omelet with caramelized onions, baby spinach and gruyere cheese. I also had an everything bagel with cream cheese on the side:

Then we hit the pool. We rented a huge cabana (we had 12 people total) and spent the whole day there. We ordered a random assortment of food for lunch: pizza, fries, chip and guac, hamburger, etc.

More food arrived after this shot was taken. I had a few pieces of pizza, a few fries, some chip and guac and a couple bites of hubby's hamburger. Then it was massage time!! Yes!! I rarely get massages so I was excited! It was an awesome massage....except that my stomach was too full from lunch so laying on my stomach was uncomfortable. :( My bad!

When evening came, we all went back to our rooms to get ready for dinner. We went to R&D Kitchen. All the ladies had some wine and sat with our older kids while the hubbies sat with the little ones. I think we got the better end of the deal. :)

For my entree I had the chicken meatballs and spaghetti:

It was served on top of broccoli and it was super delicious!! We came home and went to bed.

Saturday morning the hubby woke up early to play golf. The kids and I slept in until 9AM. What a blessing!! I brought some bagels from home and our room had a toaster and I took some jellies from the room service tray the day before....so bagels and jelly it was!! We chilled in our room for a bit and then met my brother in law and his kids at our cabana.

For lunch, we ordered the same stuff as yesterday except that I had a Mediterranean salad with shrimp. I needed veggies! I didn't take a pictures....it was too chaotic with all the kids. We spent the rest of the day, like the day before....relaxing by the pool. All of a sudden, it was evening time and we had to get ready for dinner. We all went to El Torito Grill. I had shrimp fajitas. Sorry...no picture again but you know what those look like. :) We came back to the room and I had a glass of wine while the hubby smoked a cigar on the balcony. The kids played for a bit and we went to bed.

This morning we are chilling in our room. I'm enjoying a cup of coffee in bed. We plan to hang out again by the pool today and go home later. This has been a very relaxing vacation!! I think it helps that our kids have other kids their age to play with. :)

What has been your favorite part of your weekend? Watching the kids have a blast in the pool!


  1. Those desserts at the party look soooo good! Favorite part of my weekend, drinking a glass of vino while catching up on Mad Men.

  2. That sounds like an absolutely fabulous weekend! The room service omelet looks and sounds delicious :)


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