It was so wonderful being able to sleep in this morning! I didn't get out of bed until 9AM...that is a huge treat! I got up, brewed some coffee and started getting the food together for the barbeque today. I decided to make a quick run to Costco to pick up a few things. When I got back, it was 11AM and I hadn't even had breakfast yet! I was pretty hungry by then so I decided to roll with an egg beater sandwich on a bagel thin with swiss cheese. Strawberries rounded it out:

I got everything made, as well as some things for Bunco on Tuesday. I love doing as many things ahead as possible! Hubby and the kids came home a little before 3. Our guests weren't scheduled to arrive until 4 so I decided to have a snack for lunch: sandwich thin with Barney Butter:

Once our guests arrived, I brought everything outside. Tomato Feta Salad:

Interesting upside down picture.

Chips and the pico de gallo I made yesterday as well as my favorite guacamole:


Wine. Duh!

Orzo with Parmesan and Basil with the pesto butter I made yesterday:

Chicken Kebabs:

Here's my plate:

So good! I love the orzo with the tomato salad!!

Dessert was the S'Mores Bars I made yesterday:

I brought them to room temperature and they tasted really good that way. I got everything cleaned up, the kids in bed and now it's about time for me to do the same.

Random Question: Do you change your pajamas every night or wear them for a few days? I was thinking about this tonight for some reason...I usually wear the same ones for a few days unless I sweat at night (which happens a lot!).


  1. Haha that is such a random question I love it! I rotate a few pairs of PJ bottoms depending on how hot it is that night, and a few (random) t-shirts too. Then I probably wash it all once a week, is that gross? I wear such sexy stuff to bed, let me tell you...my fiancé is one lucky guy lol

  2. melissa, hi!!! i saw maureen link you. i used to live in az for 9 mos but am from san diego and we live in hillcrest. i have a 3 yr old daughter and am the same age as you..lots in common! drop me a line about where in SD you live. take care!

  3. My three pounds that I found in NYC at BlogHer and I are looking forward to Greek Bunko!!!! Hey, do you know Barefoot Foodie? She's a blogger chick I know...got a cute pic of us at the convention...so glad it's in San Diego next year! YAHOOO!!!!


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