137.6 yesterday.....and a cake Elvis would be proud of!

Happy early Sunday morning!!! I had this post mostly ready to go last night but was too tired to post it. Forgive me dear bloggers! Let's review

Saturday morning I woke up on my own before kids or husband woke me up...very rare!!

Before going to the club Friday night for dinner, I had a bowl of watermelon:

I actually had a few bites and threw the rest away. I thought it tasted funny.

I got ready and dropped the kids off at their "night care". They were excited because one of their little buddies was going to be there. I was excited to hang out with my buddies! On Friday nights, they put out complimentary appetizers. As much as I wanted to avoid them, I had to try the hot crab dip:

It was delicious but I restrained myself to just a few chips and dip. I ordered a glass of Merlot to go with my dip:

After hanging out for a bit in the bar, we all were seated for dinner. I had another glass of Merlot. Hubby and I split the wedge salad:

For my entree, I went with the halibut. On the side were mashed sweet potatoes and carrots. I didn't want the sweet potatoes in the picture because they were really dark and looked ugly:

The entree came with a citrus butter that I got on the side. I had a couple bites with it but in the interest of health, I rolled without it. The fish was pretty good but I only finished half of it.
Hubby had to order this:

And I had to help him eat it. I did not want to order dessert but how could you say no to that???? I had a great time with our friends, ate more than I wanted but enjoyed every bite!

Breakfast yesterday was an egg beater sandwich with low fat swiss cheese on a bagel thin with a side of strawberries. I love how eggs keep me full for so long!

After breakfast I went to spin class. I came home, showered and put some laundry away. Lunchtime rolled around and I was craving tuna again so I made a tuna wrap with a side salad with Girard's Light Champagne vinaigrette:

After lunch, I got busy. I have been meaning to put all my kid's artwork from the prior school year into scrapbooks and finally started working on it. I got all my son's done....they do A LOT of art in preschool! Then I decided it was time to bake. I had some heavy cream I wasn't sure what to do with. I looked through my myriad of dessert recipes and found one for Elvis Presley's Favorite Pound Cake. It called for a cup of heavy cream. Nice!

After sifting the cake flour THREE times and cracking seven eggs and pouring in the cream.....everything was in the mixer:

I decided to use two loaf pans but I think I'll use a tube pan like the recipe called for.

My cakes runneth over! Oh well....they didn't look the best:

But it sure tasted good!

As Gina would say, plates are for suckas!

After cooling them, I immediately put one in the freezer. It's so nice to have extra desserts in the freezer to pull out when last minute guests come over or when I'm too lazy to bake anything.

We took the kids bowling with some friends and their son.....recap to come later.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Do you bowl? Are you good at it? I love bowling although I'm not that good at it. :)


  1. We love to take the girls bowling, so much fun for so little money! :) I had a bagel thin this morning but it didn't look nearly as good as yours!!! lol

  2. I only like bowling at 1 AM with my girlies in Palm Springs while celebrating one of their birthdays, and ONLY if we have to buy socks out of a vending machine. Also, only if I win.


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