Last night we took the kids bowling with some of our friends. We had a blast! I actually beat my husband which has never happened in the history of the world. Afterwards, our friends suggested Hamburger Factory for dinner:

I had never been and a hamburger sounded perfect! Our friends ordered beers but I had my usual:

Our friends suggested a basket of hot wings for the table. I cannot say no to wings (or much else lately!). I am a hot wing connoisseur. These were spot on:

Not soggy, perfectly crisp! Yum! I went with a regular cheeseburger:

It was an awesome burger for sure!!! I did steal a couple of my friend's onion rings and they were delicious! Hubby got a blackberry cobbler for dessert and I did not take part. I'm not a fruit pie/cobbler kind of gal. Better for the ever expanding waistline anyway. Two thumbs up for Hamburger Factory!

I had trouble sleeping last night. I was hot and I think my body wasn't super excited about the dinner it received. :) I knew when breakfast rolled around that I wanted peanut butter...I just had to decide what I'd put it on. I went with a toasted English muffin with a side of strawberries:

Doesn't my plate look like cookie monster's face? I think so! After breakfast I caught up on emails/blogs. My sister and law and her kids were planning on going to Sea World today and wanted to meet us at the Broken Yolk for lunch. Hubby saw that bottles of champagne were $9.99 and couldn't resist:

I ordered a tuna sandwich with fries:

It tasted good but I think my body is beginning to get angry with me for my food choices in the last 24 hours. Sorry body!!!

We came home and I finished putting together my daughter's school art scrapbook (takes forever!) and hopped in the shower to get ready for an engagement party in La Jolla for a couple of our friends. Ugh...more food. Seriously...I think it's detox time tomorrow.

What was your favorite thing you ate all weekend? Mine was the cheese burger last night. I love cheese burgers but don't eat them all that often. Yum!


  1. Weight always fluctuates within a 5 lb zone, so you really are doing great - don't be so hard on yourself. ;-)

    Best thing I ate this weekend was the chocolate espresso cake we had Friday night. Oh yeah!

  2. Bowling - love it! I wouldn't turn away wings today - yum!!

    This weekend I had some homestyle southern mac & cheese at my friend's wedding. AMAZING!


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