This is going to be a quick post because I'm tired....it's past this granny's bedtime!!

What I find strange is that during the week, I have to wake my son up to get ready to go to camp at 7:30AM. This morning....he rolls into my room at 6:45AM ready to go. What's up with that??? I guess it gave me more time to figure out what I wanted for breakfast. I decided to go with an egg beater burrito on a whole wheat tortilla. I mixed the rest of my pico de gallo and some spinach in with the eggs. I poured Cholula all over it after this picture was taken:

My kids decided they wanted pancakes. Hmmm.....hubby isn't home and we usually make pancakes when my husband is here...he has declared himself the best pancake "maker" in the world. There's a funny story here. When we were dating I would hear him mention every so often that he made the best pancakes in the world. I heard about these pancakes forever! Finally we moved in together and one weekend morning he suggested that we should have his pancakes. I sat down and waited for my fabulous pancakes. I realize that he's looking at me....waiting for something. He says "Aren't you going to make the batter?" Huh? I said "I thought you made the best pancakes ever??" Apparently, he FLIPS the pancakes the best.

So.....without hubby here, how will my pancakes get flipped correctly??

I think I did alright. :) I'm sure he would disagree.

I took the kids to the daycare at my gym and went to spin class. We had a substitute today (she's actually my Monday Cardio Muscle instructor) and she kicked our booties! Nice! Love leaving the gym a sweaty beast.

Remember when I said last night that I was out of Greek Salad.....you probably thought "Oh good! I won't have to look at the those dang Greek leftovers anymore!" Wrong!!!!

I realized that I had extra feta, red onions, cucumber and some grape tomatoes. I also saved some extra Greek dressing. I threw them all together and BAM.....Greek Salad part 2! Alongside more lamb kebob and tzatiki....I was a happy girl. I have enough lamb for one more meal FYI. :)

After lunch, we piled in the car and made our way to my mother in law's house for swimming and a barbecue. Some family was in town so we enjoyed visiting and eating. I didn't take a single picture of the food. Bad blogger. There were too many kids and too much going on honestly. I ended up kind of eating bits here and there as I went along. I had some chips and onion dip, bbq steak and some Costco Margharita pizza. I brought the rest of the Baklava and layered brownies and had a bit of both. I also had two glasses of wine.

We just got back a bit ago and the kids are fast asleep in their beds....that's where I need to be...in bed! This post was a lot longer than I planned it to be....Good Night!

What's your favorite thing to barbecue?


  1. Favorite thing to barbeque is either salmon or shrimp.
    Nice job on the pancakes and I love that story!

  2. Thanks....it's a favorite story in our house!

  3. Just hopped onto your blog, I love it!! Your pancakes look great just like the story! Fav thing to BBQ, right now it's pizza! Looking forward to following you! :)

  4. Too funny about the pancakes! I don't know what cholula is...had to go google it...it must be some good stuff. I am so jealous you're still eating that Greek food!

  5. Hi Kristy! Thanks for visiting!! I haven't tried bbq pizza yet but I've watched it made a few times in cooking class. Yum!!

  6. Hi Reeni! Cholula is a fabulous hot sauce! It used to be hard to find but now it's available in most grocery stores. You should try it! And I'm surprised you're not sick of the Greek food yet! I feel bad for all the repeat meals I'm posting!

  7. I am so proud of your weight loss! I, however, have gained it, so that the Earth can maintain balance and continue to spin on it's axis. I am so bloated I am going to float away. Ugh!

    I see you have a new design on your blog! Call me...let's discuss! Miss you...

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