Everyone had a blast yesterday at the La Costa hotel pool! They have great water slides and a fabulous shallow pool for the little ones. For dinner, we all went to Souplantation. I had my standard salad except that I put hard boiled egg on it this time:

I also had a bowl of the low fat chili (love that stuff) and a slightly excessive amount of pizza bread. I'm slightly obsessed with that stuff. My husband and I always joke that if they stopped making that pizza bread, they would go out of business. :) They had my favorite dessert there: Lava Cake. When it came time to go get it, it was gone and wouldn't be ready for 30 more minutes. Maybe it was a sign I shouldn't be eating lava cake? I settled for the frozen yogurt with caramel & chocolate sauces as wells as some peanuts:

For breakfast, I decided on Fage yogurt mixed with sugar free strawberry jelly, Fiber One cereal and blackberries:

After I took my son to school and my daughter to camp, I went to Zumba class....at least I thought I was going. Apparently, the Zumba instructor is at a Zumba conference all week so class is cancelled this week. BOO! I hadn't worked out since Saturday so I needed to do something! I decided to do 45 minutes on the "dreadmill" and call it a day.

I quickly showered and took my lunch to go since I had to get to my wax appointment right away. I packed a sliced apple and a Flat Out Wrap with Better N Peanut Butter:

After my appointment, I went to Golden Spoon for some frozen yogurt. I didn't take a picture because I ran into a mom from the preschool with her friend that I didn't know and they asked me to sit with them. I didn't want to have to explain about the bloggie. :) I did have a small with Graham Cracker, Cookies n Cream and Vanilla Custard flavors. It rocked my face off!

After getting home with the kiddos, I crossed a couple of things off my never-ending To Do list. I needed to get dinner going early tonight because I have to go to Back To School Night at my son's school. I pulled some Four Cheese Mac & Cheese leftovers out of the freezer and heated that up. I made a big salad to go with it: mixed greens, butter lettuce, cucumbers, red onions, mushrooms all tossed with a balsamic vinaigrette:

I put Cholula all over the pasta after this picture was taken. :) I was worried the pasta would be dry when reheated but it tasted great!

That's all I have to report. See ya tomorrow!

For those of you bloggies...do you feel embarrassed when you take pictures of your food? I don't so much anymore....it's just a habit at this point. I sometimes still feel weird when I take pictures of my sandwiches at Subway....I feel like everyone in line is looking at me like I'm strange.


  1. hehe I've honestly never taken pics of food ot to eat (I usually eat eat home). :) I could see how peeps would stare though - I like to think i'd be like you and do it anyway!

    I want your fro yo. And mac and cheese.


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