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146.6..Palm Desert Prep

On Thursday night in Palm Desert my husband and I went to Mario’s for dinner. I had a house salad to start.Then we shared a veggie pizza. It was really good. Great crispy crust!For breakfast Friday I had toast with peanut butter.I got some more Thanksgiving prep work done before heading to lunch with my husband at Louise’s Pantry. I ordered a roast beef sandwich thinking it was going to be deli meat roast beef but it cooked well done.It wasn’t that great sadly. I also had a cup of clam chowder which was good.I think this place is a better breakfast place. Will try it for breakfast another time.We drove back to San Diego and went over to Alicia’s for dinner. She made tacos. So good!!Saturday’s breakfast:We drove to Los Angeles for the USC vs. UCLA football game. I ate a Taco Bell bean & cheese burrito in the car for lunch on the way. I had a hot dog at the game for dinner. USC won and it was a really fun time! We drove back after the game.Breakfast Sunday was a tad different. I was…

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