Thursday, December 31, 2009


I cannot believe I still weigh under 140. Amazing.

I had the best sleep last night!'s been days since I've slept well. I feel like a new person!!

When we got back last night, I unloaded everything and did a few loads of laundry. I was too tired to deal with dinner so we had the rest of the leftover pizza:

I had a small slice of cheese pizza as well.

When I got out of bed this morning (7:45AM - thank you children!) I brewed some coffee and did some more laundry, had my freezer fixed, finished setting up my new computer and had breakfast.....the rest of the Trader Joe's Strawberry O's cereal with almond milk:

I did more laundry, took a shower and caught up on email. Lunch was a slice of the leftover meatloaf I made for the Big Bear trip, egg noodles and peas:

Mmmm.....I love that meatloaf. I had a chocolate chip, oatmeal, raisin and peanut butter cookie for dessert:

And that's all so far on this glorious New Year's Eve. We don't have any plans this year which is fine with me. I'm pooped from all this travel anyway. You know what I like about New Year's Eve? You can say "Happy New Year" to anyone and not be afraid to offend someone for religious/etc. reasons. :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I have no freakin clue what I weigh

So, I officially suck as a blogger....I haven't been taking any pictures on my vacation. I just haven't felt like it.'s off my chest now. Onto pictures I did take.....
Breakfast the morning we left for Big Bear was an English muffin with Barney Butter and an apple. I needed a lot of fuel to pack our car. We had SO much stuff to bring I wasn't sure if it was possible to fit it all in the car or not....

Oh my......
And this wasn't even all of it....I had two huge coolers of food too!

Don't you worry....I have all fit perfectly!!! We drove the 2 1/2 hours to Big Bear and stopped for pizza at Saucy's Mama's. It was a cute little pizza place in the heart of Big Bear village. We started with Caesar salad and then some veggie pizza:

Ok....I think I've had my fill of pizza now!!!
We arrived at our rental house and began to unpack the car:

Yes....every inch of space was taken in the car. Yes that's a salad spinner in the bottom left. You gotta have your salad spinner!!
The rest of the trip was spent sledding, bowling and eating.....a lot of eating. I feel GINORMOUS. I don't even want to get near a scale. Ugh.
Dessert tonight was too good not to photograph: Brownie trifle.

I'll have to post the recipe when I get home. It's too good not to share. That is that.....we are leaving Big Bear tomorrow....back to normal life!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Breakfast started with coffee and an egg beaters burrito with spinach, onions and taco sauce:

I spent the entire day cooking and baking and doing laundry getting ready for our Big Bear trip tomorrow. I baked cookies, apple bread, two pans of brownies, fudge icing to go on a chocolate cake I already baked. I made two different dips, marinara sauce and lasagna. I'm probably forgetting something. It was insane.

Lunch was the rest of the spaghetti and marinara that were hanging out in the fridge:

We had some friends come over so we all went to Leucadia Pizza for dinner. My first plate was Caesar salad and a few hot wings underneath. :)

Then I had a slice of veggie pizza. Delicious!

We just got out of the jacuzzi so I'm feeling warm and fuzzy. Hopefully it will help me obtain a better night's sleep!


Hello!!! I hope everyone had a nice Christmas holiday! Sorry for the lack of posts but it's been a little busy!! Let's rewind back to Christmas morning. My dad made his famous Bloody Mary's:

Then I began cooking breakfast. We decided to try William Sonoma's recipe for Leek, Potato & Gruyere Fritatta.

Then only thing I did differently is that I didn't flip it over into another pan. I cooked it almost all the way on the stove and then put it under the broiler for a few minutes until it was set.

Then I flipped it over onto the platter. Tah Dah:

My mom made Cinnamon rolls and Orange rolls:

We also had some Trader Joe's Chicken Andoille sausages on the side. It was a yummy breakfast!

Then the gift opening began!!! We listened to Christmas music and hung out the rest of the day. My hubby and kids came over and they opened their gifts. Then it was time to get dinner ready. I made a prime rib:

I put a marinade of garlic cloves, olive oil, thyme and salt and pepper on it. There's a curse of the Christmas prime rib: I always over cook it. It doesn't matter if I use a meat thermometer or not. This year was better because I took it out a lot earlier but it still managed to be more of medium than medium rare.

Alongside was my mom's yummy mashed potatoes and gravy and peas. I put some A1 and horseradish on the side of my primer rib. We enjoyed some champagne that my hubby brought. I picked the rarest piece of prime rib since the rest of my family likes it over cooked. :)

And that was that! It was a fabulous Christmas as always!! The next morning I had some toast with peanut butter:

Then we all packed up the car and drove home. I was hungry when I got home so I had the last two slices of leftover pizza.

Then I had to brave the mall to buy my daughter clothes for Big Bear. I didn't realize her stuff was too small. It wasn't so bad...I got a parking spot right up front, right away! yeah!!! Then I went to Sports Chalet to get me a few things for the snow. I picked up a latte at Starbucks on the way out. Mmmm. Next it was Costco, Trader Joe's and Ralphs. I actually got in and out of all those places quite fast!
I came home and unloaded everything and we went over to my sister in law's house for dinner. I forgot my camera but we had a lot of yummy things! I brought over a Mexican layered dip from Costco which was quite good! She made these little chicken taco things from Trader Joe's and they were excellent. They were perfect with the dip I brought. I also had two glasses of red wine and some chocolate cake and ice cream that my sister in law made. Mmmmmmmm.
And....I didn't sleep well AGAIN last night. I have no idea why this is occurring. Oh well. I have a lot of cooking to do before our Big Bear trip tomorrow!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Good evening from my parent's house!! Merry Christmas Eve!!!! My daughter decided to wake up at 4AM again.....BOO!!!!!! I was able to go back to sleep around 5AM and my son decided to wake me up at 7AM so it was another coffee morning. That's ok because coffee is good. :)

I was inspired by Tina's breakfast over at Carrots N Cake (yeah! inspiration!) so I made my own version of an egg sandwich: fried egg on a wheat English muffin with a slice of pepper jack cheese. Check out the cheese oozing out the side. :) I did put some cholula on the egg as well. Mmmmmm

I got dressed and all packed up and my husband and kids took me to lunch before taking me the train station. (They are coming here tomorrow). We went to Pappachinos Pizza. Yes...more pizza! We ordered the veggie pizza. Here is my first slice of two:

Then I went to the train station and rode the two hours to Los Angeles. I read some more of The Time Travelers Wife on the train....yes I'm still reading that. I can't really get into it but I'm determined to finish it.

My parents picked me up and we went back to their house and I got some ingredients prepped for tonight's dinner and tomorrow's breakfast. Then my dad and I took their dog on a walk. Then it was time to make our Christmas Eve dinner: Beef Stroganoff. Now....I know what you are thinking....beef stroganoff? huh? You've never had Beef Stroganoff until you've had the recipe in the Pillsbury cookbook. It will rock your face off. I tried to find the recipe online but I couldn't...I'll have to post it sometime.

My dad made a salad to go with our dinner:!

For dessert, I had some leftover chocolate cake from my birthday celebration last week. It was a little stale but I still ate most of it.

And that's that. I'm ready for bed! I get to sleep in a little and don't have to listen to a baby monitor. Yee haw! Happy Holidays everyone!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Ugh....last night's sleep might possibly be the worst sleep I've had in a LONG time. I just could not fall asleep and when/if I did....I could not stay asleep. I was waiting to see if my daughter woke up screaming again (she didn't....of course), I was thinking about all the things I have to do in the next few days AND I was stressed about my kid's flu shots today.

So, the morning started out with coffee (DUH) and an English muffin with Barney Butter and an apple. Technically, my son ate my apple. I was allowed to eat one piece of it though. I am just not inspired when it comes to breakfast right now. Maybe the New Year will bring breakfast inspiration?

After breakfast, it was off to the doctor's office. Turns out, all my worrying was for nothing...both my kids were super brave and didn't cry. My son even announced that "it didn't really hurt." That definitely made my day.

With my renewed energy, I went to the gym. I did some weights for a half hour and some interval training on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Good stuff....except for the fact that the stupid weights at the gym gave me this NASTY blood blister on the inside of my hand. You see....any weights above 10 pounds there do not have that nice neoprene (spell?) cover so my 15 pounders hurt my hands....literally this time. :(

I came home and heated up leftover pasta and marinara with some veggies (spinach, zucchini, green bell pepper and onions).

I spent the rest of the day doing laundry (am I always doing laundry?) and getting food ideas/recipes squared away for next week's Big Bear trip (I am the chef for the trip).

By the time dinner rolled around, I was beat. I did not intend to have any wine tonight....but I was cold and tired and red wine just sounded so I indulged. It's what the holidays are all about right?

.....I was also too tired to cook so Pizza it was!!!! YES! My favorite. Actually, the kids and the hubby had Pei Wei but I was not in the mood for that. My very generous husband offered to pick up pizza for me from the place nearby: Sublime Pizza. I went for the veggie:
Plate #1:

Plate #2:

And there was almost a plate #3. But I stopped. Actually it was my husband that suggested I should wait a bit to see if I was still hungry. So I did.....and I brushed my teeth so I wouldn't eat any more. (This usually works). It worked today......barely....I could have eaten another piece easily. :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So last night the husband surprised me by taking me out to dinner. He wouldn't tell me where we were going so it was an even bigger surprise when we ended up at my favorite restaurant: Firenze! It was half price wine night so we split a bottle of cab. A very happy girl:

We started with the usual: chopped Caesar salad.....oh it's sooooo good!

For my entree, I tried something new: Rigatoni alla Vodka e Fungi except that I substituted the Rigatoni for linguine....I really don't like short cuts of pasta for whatever reason. Verdict: muy excelente!!!!!

I went to sleep a happy camper.....until my daughter woke up screaming at 3AM...I think she's becoming scared of the dark. She did go back to sleep but I couldn't. Argh......this morning coffee was on the agenda first thing. I didn't take a picture of my breakfast because my camera was upstairs and I was too lazy to get it. At least I'm honest right? For the curious, I had a slice of Ezekiel toast with peanut butter and honey with a side of strawberries.
After lunch I went for a three mile run. The first mile was almost entirely uphill. Then I walked for a half mile and ran the final two home. It felt really good.
Then hubby and I went to Subway for lunch. Turkey on wheat with the works:

Then we made a much needed trip to Costco. My husband was so kind to buy me my Hanukkah gift there....a new Acer notebook computer. I'm typing on it right now. It's so small and cute. I'm in love.
I came home and began working on my daughter's third birthday party which is coming up next month. I set up the party place, ordered her invitations and her gifts.....I felt very accomplished!!
Dinner was a new recipe for Spanish Chicken and Rice.

I thought it was pretty good but the husband didn't really care for it. I put the leftovers in the freezer for a night when he isn't home for dinner. :)

That's about all I have to report on. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, December 21, 2009

I have no idea what I weigh...

...and that's probably a good thing. :)

Yesterday morning I dragged my sorry self out of bed, got dressed at hit the road for my parent's house. I stopped at Starbucks for some breakfast: double, tall, skinny, vanilla latte and and one of their low fat egg white sandwiches. I actually really like these.

When I got to my parent's house we busted out the appetizers:

The entire spread:

First we opened birthday presents for me and my dad. I love opening gifts. :) I also brought along my new wine glass. It was perfect for my birthday chardonnay:

My parent's dog, Oliver, enjoyed the festivities as well:

Then "Faux Christmas" begun.....since my brother and his wife won't be here for Christmas, we opened all the gifts from them and they opened all their gifts. It was nice having an "extra" Christmas this year!!
Then I began cooking my Indian Butter Chicken for dinner:

All done:

My mom decorated her dinning room beautifully:

After dinner it was birthday cake time!!!

My brother only likes ice cream cake and since he's a brat, he got his own ice cream cake for Christmas. :) I wasn't complaining because I got a slice of each:

Then I hit the hay....I had an amazing 12 hours of sleep. That's more sleep that I had in the past two days put together.
I brought breakfast to my parent's house: light English muffin with Barney Butter and strawberries. I didn't take a picture of's not like you haven't seen it before. Then I hopped in the car and drove the two hours home. I picked up lunch on the way home from Panera Bread: tuna sandwich on wheat. I have really been in the mood for tuna sandwiches lately!

And that brings us up to date!!!!