Ughhh...tired today. I went to bed way too late (my fault...up paying bills, organizing the desk, etc). Hubby was out of town and whenever he's gone, I usually stay up late getting stuff done. That was bad enough but then my daughter decided to wake up at 1 AM screaming for milk. Huh??? She's usually my good sleeper....not sure what's going on but I don't like it. :(

Breakfast was another egg beater and Laughing Cow cheese sandwich with a side of strawberries.

I dropped the kids off at school and went straight to the gym. I did 40 minutes on the treadmill at a 5 incline with a speed of 4.1 mph. Kinda boring but it was good to take a break from running. I did some abs and butt exercises after and called it a day. I ran home to shower and make a quick lunch before heading out to my wax and facial appointment. Flat Out wrap with Better N Peanut Butter and a honeycrisp apple.

My face has been seriously breaking out for the last several months....I have no idea why....I'm going to blame it on hormones. I hope the facial today helps!!!

I ran into the mall to pick up some stuff that I pre-sold yesterday at Bloomingdales and then headed home. I did have a non fat vanilla latte while walking around. I love Starbucks holiday cups!!!

Hubby invited a friend over for dinner so I thought we should finish up the Tamale Pie from yesterday because it was so good! I did not break my wine drinking streak yet....I had some merlot:

With the tamale pie, I made corn and black beans mixed with Rotel. Gotta love Rotel!!

It was excellent!
I'm wiped out. The kids are asleep and I'm going to wash my newly facial-ed face and hit the hay....good night all!


  1. let's TOTALLY make t-shirts! haha

    Oh boo - I hate when I don't sleep well - sounds like a great workout though! Hope your daughter is sleeping better now!


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