Breakfast started with coffee and an egg beaters burrito with spinach, onions and taco sauce:

I spent the entire day cooking and baking and doing laundry getting ready for our Big Bear trip tomorrow. I baked cookies, apple bread, two pans of brownies, fudge icing to go on a chocolate cake I already baked. I made two different dips, marinara sauce and lasagna. I'm probably forgetting something. It was insane.

Lunch was the rest of the spaghetti and marinara that were hanging out in the fridge:

We had some friends come over so we all went to Leucadia Pizza for dinner. My first plate was Caesar salad and a few hot wings underneath. :)

Then I had a slice of veggie pizza. Delicious!

We just got out of the jacuzzi so I'm feeling warm and fuzzy. Hopefully it will help me obtain a better night's sleep!