Breakfast was the egg beater sandwich again. My husband doesn't like eggs and he thinks my egg sandwich looks like an egg "poop"....whatever that is.

After taking the kiddos to school, I made my way over to Great News for cooking class. It's been way too long since I've been in class. I was super excited. The class today was called "Fancy Seafood Dishes" and it did not disappoint. I grabbed a latte from Starbucks before class.

The first recipe was my favorite of the day: Bacon-Wrapped Crab Cake-Stuffed Shrimp with Basil Cream Sauce:

OMG. This was amazing. The sauce was outstanding. It would taste incredible on pasta.

Next up was Fisherman's Wharf Seafood Chowder with Shrimp and Bay Scallops:

Another winner. It was delicious and comforting.

The third recipe was Baked Salmon Stuffed with Mascarpone and Spinach au Gratin:

Loved this too....great topping for chicken as well!

The fourth seafood recipe was Scallop Gratin with Prosciutto and Garlic:

Heaven! They served it with fresh pasta.

And the final recipe was: Eggnog Tiramisu with Ground Chocolate, Espresso-Dipped Ladyfingers and Rum Custard. They were so cute to present mine with a birthday candle!

I may have told them that yesterday was my birthday. I have no shame.

After class, I ran over to the mall to return a couple of things and buy a couple of last minute gifts. It was a great success! Yes....holiday shopping is officially DONE.
I came home and prepared my husband's very favorite meal: Potato Latkas:

He wanted them with spaghetti so his wish was my command:

I used my favorite marinara recipe. I put some Parmesan rinds in the sauce that I've been saving in the freezer and it made such a difference. So freakin delicious.
The kids are asleep and hubby and I are going to go in the jacuzzi. It may sound crazy but it feels really good on a cold night!! Good night all!


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