Ok....so when I woke up I thought I was feeling better but I got progressively worse throughout the day. What is up with that? I really do believe that I'll feel much better tomorrow!! Wishful thinking??? Maybe....but I better feel better....I've got a lot on my social calendar this week!

Breakfast was a old favorite: light wheat English muffin with Barney Butter and strawberries.

After taking the kids to school in the pouring down rain, I went to Step and Sculpt class. I was worried that I wouldn't make it through the class but surprisingly, it felt really good to work out...I'm glad I went.

I hopped in the car and quickly went to my appointment for my car's oil change. I ate this while waiting:

Next was Subway for lunch (I love mustard):

I went to Target to buy more Nyquil, got gas and came home. I had some pre-school room mom stuff to take care of, more online holiday shopping and I made my appetizer for tomorrow's bunco. I'll take a picture of it tomorrow when it's all done. :)
Dinner was the rest of Friday's Lasagna rolls and some veggies:

Did anyone notice that I had NO wine today???? I broke the streak! I may have a cookie from my stash soon and call it a night.


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