I'm feeling much better today! I get a cold maybe once a year and I usually get over it fast....I attribute it to the fact that I exercise reguarly, eat healthfully (most of the time) and take vitamins. Enough bragging.

Breakfast today was a light, wheat English muffin with Barney Butter and a honeycrisp apple. My plate looks like a smiley face. :)

After dropping the kids at school, I went straight to the gym. Today is the first Wednesday that I haven't had spin so I decided to do some weights and cardio. I did about 25 minutes worth of upper body weights. I saved an article from one of my health magazines that teaches you how to work up to doing 3 pull ups. So I gave it a try. The first step is to stand on a bench under the bar so that you can put your chin over the bar. Then you are supposed to do bend your knees up and see how long you can hold the "pull up" position. I lasted maybe a split second. Wow...I figured I could easily do a pull up. I just got schooled!

I came home and changed my clothes and my mom and I went holiday shopping. We stopped first at Bloomingdales for lunch. I had a hankering for a tuna sandwich:

I put a little EVOO and balsamic vinegar on my salad...it hit the spot!

I have to say that shopping was pretty successful! Got a bunch of gifts that I needed to get, returned some stuff, bought some more, etc.

When we got back, I threw the Three Cheese Green Tamale Chicken Pie that I made yesterday in the oven.

Finished product:

With a little green salad.....EXCELLENT.

I had a glass of merlot with it. I think I've had wine every night for the past 5 nights or something like that. Maybe tomorrow I can break the streak and go wine free? We'll see!


  1. Yay for feeling better and a successful shopping trip! :)

  2. That pie looks great!

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  3. That pie looks awesome!! I love eating in department stores - Nordstrom cafe is a favorite of me and my co-workers!


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