Good evening from my parent's house!! Merry Christmas Eve!!!! My daughter decided to wake up at 4AM again.....BOO!!!!!! I was able to go back to sleep around 5AM and my son decided to wake me up at 7AM so it was another coffee morning. That's ok because coffee is good. :)

I was inspired by Tina's breakfast over at Carrots N Cake (yeah! inspiration!) so I made my own version of an egg sandwich: fried egg on a wheat English muffin with a slice of pepper jack cheese. Check out the cheese oozing out the side. :) I did put some cholula on the egg as well. Mmmmmm

I got dressed and all packed up and my husband and kids took me to lunch before taking me the train station. (They are coming here tomorrow). We went to Pappachinos Pizza. Yes...more pizza! We ordered the veggie pizza. Here is my first slice of two:

Then I went to the train station and rode the two hours to Los Angeles. I read some more of The Time Travelers Wife on the train....yes I'm still reading that. I can't really get into it but I'm determined to finish it.

My parents picked me up and we went back to their house and I got some ingredients prepped for tonight's dinner and tomorrow's breakfast. Then my dad and I took their dog on a walk. Then it was time to make our Christmas Eve dinner: Beef Stroganoff. Now....I know what you are thinking....beef stroganoff? huh? You've never had Beef Stroganoff until you've had the recipe in the Pillsbury cookbook. It will rock your face off. I tried to find the recipe online but I couldn't...I'll have to post it sometime.

My dad made a salad to go with our dinner:


For dessert, I had some leftover chocolate cake from my birthday celebration last week. It was a little stale but I still ate most of it.

And that's that. I'm ready for bed! I get to sleep in a little and don't have to listen to a baby monitor. Yee haw! Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. I think that's a great dinner - yum! And that pizza looks awesome! I hope you get into the TTW soon, it took me a bit and then I couldn't flip the pages fast enough!


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