I cannot believe I still weigh under 140. Amazing.

I had the best sleep last night! Ahhhhh....it's been days since I've slept well. I feel like a new person!!

When we got back last night, I unloaded everything and did a few loads of laundry. I was too tired to deal with dinner so we had the rest of the leftover pizza:

I had a small slice of cheese pizza as well.

When I got out of bed this morning (7:45AM - thank you children!) I brewed some coffee and did some more laundry, had my freezer fixed, finished setting up my new computer and had breakfast.....the rest of the Trader Joe's Strawberry O's cereal with almond milk:

I did more laundry, took a shower and caught up on email. Lunch was a slice of the leftover meatloaf I made for the Big Bear trip, egg noodles and peas:

Mmmm.....I love that meatloaf. I had a chocolate chip, oatmeal, raisin and peanut butter cookie for dessert:

And that's all so far on this glorious New Year's Eve. We don't have any plans this year which is fine with me. I'm pooped from all this travel anyway. You know what I like about New Year's Eve? You can say "Happy New Year" to anyone and not be afraid to offend someone for religious/etc. reasons. :)


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