I have no freakin clue what I weigh

So, I officially suck as a blogger....I haven't been taking any pictures on my vacation. I just haven't felt like it. There....it's off my chest now. Onto pictures I did take.....
Breakfast the morning we left for Big Bear was an English muffin with Barney Butter and an apple. I needed a lot of fuel to pack our car. We had SO much stuff to bring I wasn't sure if it was possible to fit it all in the car or not....

Oh my......
And this wasn't even all of it....I had two huge coolers of food too!

Don't you worry....I have skills....it all fit perfectly!!! We drove the 2 1/2 hours to Big Bear and stopped for pizza at Saucy's Mama's. It was a cute little pizza place in the heart of Big Bear village. We started with Caesar salad and then some veggie pizza:

Ok....I think I've had my fill of pizza now!!!
We arrived at our rental house and began to unpack the car:

Yes....every inch of space was taken in the car. Yes that's a salad spinner in the bottom left. You gotta have your salad spinner!!
The rest of the trip was spent sledding, bowling and eating.....a lot of eating. I feel GINORMOUS. I don't even want to get near a scale. Ugh.
Dessert tonight was too good not to photograph: Brownie trifle.

I'll have to post the recipe when I get home. It's too good not to share. That is that.....we are leaving Big Bear tomorrow....back to normal life!


  1. There really isn't an inch of space in that car!

  2. WOW - on how your packing skills and that trifle. I want it and a fork - pronto!


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