Hello Hello!!!! I had such a relaxing Sunday morning. I got to sleep until 7AM. Those with little kids know that that is a treat. :) I was a gloomy Sunday morning so I started the day with a cup of coffee and read email and blogs. Around 8, I whipped up an egg beater omelet with zucchini, spinach, onions and taco sauce and threw it all on a wheat tortilla. I loaded each bite with Cholula of course. I love how egg keep me full for so long!

I cleaned some more, FINISHED my holiday shopping online and put away all the laundry. I changed one of the beds and did a load of dishes and cleaned out our bar cabinet. I feel very accomplished. For lunch, hubby decided he wanted Pei Wei. This might be one of his favorite restaurants ever. I usually could care less about it because I get tired of it easy but I enjoyed my lunch today. We split Dan Dan noodles and Pei Wei Spicy Chicken. I had mine with brown rice:

Then I got dressed for our club's holiday party. Enjoying some champagne:

The hubby and I:

They had a very nice holiday buffet. My plate:

Prime rib with horseradish, butternut squash bisque, corn, green beans, Caesar salad, stuffing and mashed potatoes.....yes.....all piled onto that plate. I didn't finish everything because I went back for some more prime rib. It was GOOD.
Fabulous dessert buffet:

There you see bread pudding and whipped cream with a few sticks of goodness that I dipped in the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. Whomever invented that fountain is a Genius. Enough said. This is how all Sunday nights should end...with lots of chocolate and champagne.


  1. Wow good looking eats!

    I love eggs in the AM!

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    Come visit! Happy MONDAY FUNDAY!


  2. Congrats on finishing the shopping!! Great pics too - you and hubby make an adorable couple!


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