I had a list of things to do this morning so I got right to it after I woke up. I made chili for tomorrow's barbecue using one of my favorite recipes:

After finishing up the laundry, I made breakfast. Egg beater sandwich with swiss & cheddar cheese on a light wheat English muffin with strawberries on the side:

After breakfast I got myself and the kids ready and I took them to Pump it Up for a birthday party. I had some veggies and dip and a piece of cake while I was there. It's so hard for me to resist birthday cake!!

After we got home, I began making Cheesecake Factory's Avocado Egg Rolls for tonight's couple mixer:

Right now they are chilling (literally) in the fridge waiting to be fried. I already leftovers of the sauce from the last time I made them in freezer so that made it that much easier! I need to get ready for tonight now. See y'all later!

Have you ever tried a "copy cat" restaurant recipe?


  1. Mitch loves the club egg rolls from CPK, and I've said that I thought we could make them ourselves, but never actually tried it! I hope you had fun at the BBQ!


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