137.8...and a pizza party!

After yesterday's iphone fiasco, I poured myself a glass of vino to calm my anger/frustration:

Ahhh....much better!! Then it was time to get to business...homemade pizza! The sauce:

That's Cathi's secret tomato sauce...not sure if I can share the recipe yet. I made the dough in the late morning and stuck it covered in the fridge to rise. Here is it all ready to go:

I actually made two bowls of dough.....here they are in the pans ready to hit the oven:

I baked the crusts for 8 minutes and then applied the sauce and toppings. One was just cheese and the other had onions and green bell peppers:

The cheese pizza was ready first:

The veggie one came out next:

I made a Caesar salad to go along with the pizzas. My plate:

I ended up having one more slice of pizza after this picture was taken. The dough tasted good but it was a little too thick and not crispy enough for my liking. I need to do some tweaking on it and then I'll post the recipe.
While I did the dishes and cleaned up, everyone made S'mores:

I did not partake. I had indulged enough already. :)

This morning my husband decided to take my son to school (my daughter doesn't start for two more weeks) so I leisurely got ready this morning. With my coffee, I had a light wheat English muffin with Barney Butter and some watermelon:

I'm really enjoying the watermelon this year. So juicy! I paid bills and cleaned up some desk mess and then went to both Cardio Muscle and Zumba classes. I was ready to workout this morning and was in a great mood (could it have been my leisurely morning?) so I really rocked both classes. Love that feeling!

I changed and grabbed Subway for lunch...standard turkey on wheat:

I was on the hunt for bulletin boards to put inside my pantry to organize school papers, restaurant coupons, etc. I went to a few different stores and finally decided to buy them at Target. I also got some hooks to hang up backpacks and lunch boxes.

My daughter and I picked up my son from school and then I came home to have a snack:

Fiber One and Kashi Honey Sunshine cereals with blackberries and almond milk. I was still hungry so I had some (a lot) of Wheat Thins. Then it was time to get to work on hanging the boards and hooks. After a lot of measuring and realizing I (still) don't know how to work my drill, I rolled with a hammer and nails and it got the job done just fine (I think). I hope my dad isn't reading this....he'd be rolling his eyes right now. I have always been afraid of using a drill....nothing has changed.

I have dinner with a friend tonight so I need to get dressed. Hope everyone had a nice Monday?

Are you handy at home? Do you know how to use a drill? (If so...maybe you can help me.)



  1. I'm not very handy at home - I tend to rely on Austin for that. :(

    Um yes, you deserved that wine! :(

    Love the idea of rectangular pizza - smart!

  2. I'm afraid of drills too. (and my dad is a building contractor -ahhh)
    That pizza (and crust) look perfect to me. Can't wait for you to post the recipes. We are always on the hunt for ways to change up our pizza recipes.

  3. I am the least handy person ever. I have no knowledge of how to fix things!

  4. Love love love smores <3 I haven't had them since i became vegan.. but we're going to try them out very soon! Also haha your subway sandwich looks like what my dad usually gets :) His is always overflowing with oils, peppers and who knows what


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