136.0 yesterday; 139.2 today...too much wine?

Whooweeeee....I lived it up yesterday for sure!! We left bright and early for Newport Beach. I brought my breakfast with me...peanut butter sandwich with cantaloupe and watermelon:

Our friends from Canada were in town and were staying at the Pelican Hills Resort (same hotel we stayed at a few weeks ago with the kids). As soon as I arrived, I headed to the spa for my massage. So fabulous!!! Afterwards it was time to hit the pool and wait for my friend to arrive (she opted to do a little shopping). I really needed coffee so I grabbed a latte and had it with some dried fruit I took from the spa lounge. :)

It was cloudy for awhile so I laid there in my sweats reading my book. It was glorious!! My friend arrived and we chilled for a bit while the husbands golfed. Once they were finished we met them at the shuttle to take us to the Beachcomber restaurant for lunch. It's the same place we took the kids for breakfast last time we were there. There was a small wait so we sat in the bar:

Vino! First of many:

When we were seated we order a round of regular fries for the table:

And some sweet potato fries:

Both were delicious and hit the spot! For my entree, I ordered the grilled swordfish tacos:

The tacos were delicious! I loved how it came with a salad instead of rice and/or beans or something like that.

After lunch it was more pool time. And I had some more wine. Around 5:30pm, we gathered our stuff up and went to our friend's hotel room to change for dinner. We went to Mastro's Ocean Club for dinner:

I have always wanted to eat here so I was excited!!

I have been to the Mastro's in Beverly Hills once and loved it. Most Mastro's focus on steaks but this particular Mastro's was more fish focused.

I was pretty hungry so when the bread basket came, I dug in. I pulled out a piece of pretzel bread which I ate with some butter:

I found the bread to be a little salty for my tastes so I didn't finish it. I did eat part of another piece of regular bread though. :)


A couple of us shared the seafood tower:

Ours had lobster, crab and shrimp. YUM!

After eating all the bread and shellfish, I wasn't super hungry for my entree. Oven baked seabass with breadcrumbs and butter:

Of course I had to try some of the sides that everyone ordered:

Our sides were asparagus, potatoes au gratin and wasabi mashed potatoes. The wasabi potatoes were particularly good!! My fish was delicious as well but I was too full to finish it so I got myself a nice doggy bag!

All of a sudden, the waiter appeared with a complimentary dessert from the hotel!!

It was a warm ooey gooey butter cake with ice cream on top and fresh whipped cream on the side. They whip their cream every 15 minutes! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I'm normally a chocolate person so I would have never ordered this. I'm so glad I got to try it!!

Hubby was so kind to drive home (I had had my fair share of wine) and I slept the whole hour or so back.

This morning was a little rough...I'm not going to lie. I'm ready to get back to healthy eating! Bring on breakfast! Egg whites with spinach, onions and zucchini on a whole wheat tortilla.

I wrapped it up and doused each bite with Cholula hot sauce. Delish.

Then it was off to cooking class at Great News. Today's class was a shorter class where they serve you one plate of food and a dessert. Today's class was called: Quick and Easy Lunch-California Style.

Crispy Crab Burgers on Sesame Buns with Red Pepper Slaw and Blue Cheese Potato Salad:

Everything was super delicious! I put some of the slaw on my crab burger. Really tasty!! The potato salad was excellent. I'm a new fan of blue cheese so it takes some getting user to for me but this was fabulous right off the bat!

Dessert was sensational (this world is not used enough!). Souffled Lemon Custard with Whipped Cream:

Each piece was turned out upside down on the place so there was cake on the bottom and this great custard on top. Fabulous!!

After class, I headed over to the mall to go get fitted for bras at Intimacy. The last time I was fitted was a few years ago and I've lost a bunch of weight since then so it was time. I got 4 new bras....they were not cheap! They better make me look thinner, taller, have better posture and whatever other claims they have. :)

I ran into Trader Joe's next to pick up a few things and headed home. I checked out the grape jelly I made over the weekend. It tasted pretty good actually! Maybe it wasn't a fail after all!!

The consistency was a little thin but I think it will work! Maybe I'll try it for breakfast tomorrow.

Next it was gym time. I did the 45 minute treadmill workout that Tina introduced me to. I did the running part and it kicked my butt! It was awesome. I felt like a million bucks afterward.
Off to make dinner.....
Do you have a favorite treadmill/elliptical workout you like to follow?


  1. Ah - Mastro's and Ocean Club - two of our favorites. We have the original Mastro's Steak restaurant and Ocean Club within a few miles of our house. Sometimes we go just for wine and pretzel bread.

  2. Hey love the new layout! They finally brought Choloua back to my Costco (it's too expensive otherwise) and we stocked UP. I'm so excited for eggs again, LOL.

  3. Hey girlie...did you ever get to go for your walk today? I am really going to try to power down this month and get back on track with the fitness. "Don't F with my fitness", right?!? It will be easier once the kids are back in school!
    Glad you had fun...you and your hubbie look so cute and happy!

  4. Hallie....I buy Cholula at Costco too! For awhile they did have it and I was freaking out. :)

  5. Lisa....it was too hot for even me to walk outside so I went to the gym and got crazy on the treadmill. :)


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