We had such a fun vacation! I am glad to be back though except I'm exhausted!! Why are vacations so taxing?? :)

Yesterday after I blogged we all went to the Beachcomber for breakfast. It's right on the water and is a cute beach-looking house. I ordered an omelet with onions, cheese and avocado with a side of sliced tomatoes and an English muffin. And coffee of course! :)

After breakfast we hung out at the beach for about an hour watching the kids splash in the waves. They had a blast! We actually saw a sea lion come up pretty close to shore! After the beach, it was time to hit the pool again! Fortunately, the sun was out and the weather was beautiful! I never really ordered lunch. I snacked on some chips and guac and ate a few of the kid's fries but I was pretty full from breakfast. I brought a bottle of champagne into our cabana and worked on that for awhile. :)

Ahhh....the life! My other sister in law and her four boys came to hang out with us for the day. She took all the kids to the beach for a couple of hours and hubby and I relaxed alone. I got in some good reading and chilling time! For dinner, I ordered a Thai pasta dish that was delicious but a little too oily. I didn't get a pic...trying to get six kids their dinner presents a tiny bit of chaos. :) We packed up and left and didn't get home until 9:45PM. The kids and I are pooped!

I did not want to get out of bed this morning. Ugh. But I did. :) I had an English muffin with almond butter and a side of strawberries for breakfast:

I took the kids to camp and went to both Cardio Muscle and Zumba classes. I got worked. Wow....I'm super tired!! I'm glad I did it though...need the calorie burn! Lunch was Subway:

I ran a couple of errands and am now back at the house. I have to pick up the kids soon and get ready for an event honoring my brother and sister in law tonight at their synagogue. I am going with the hubby and his mom and we have to get dressed up so I'll be jumping in the shower once I get the kids home. Let's hope I can make it through the evening without falling asleep. :)

What do you usually do when you're super tired? Do you stop and rest or plow through? I usually just plow through....stopping and resting makes me extra tired!


  1. Sounds like a fantastic trip. I usually plow through as well (with the help of a high caffeine energy drink.) Laying down makes me feel groggier.


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