The chips won last night. And so did this:

It was a "Skinny Margarita" but the chips and guacamole were no where near skinny. We went with some friends and their kids to Casa de Bandini in Carlsbad. We haven't been before so I was excited to try a new place. My friend order the "Skinny Margarita" so I needed one too right? :) It was good....not sweet like regular margarita mix but a little more sour. I ordered shrimp fajitas for my entree:

They were good! I had three tortillas worth. I was stuffed when I got home. I loved all your comments on what you order when you go to Mexican restaurants. Sounds like most of us cannot control ourselves around the chips. :)

Breakfast this morning was a wheat English muffin with Barney Butter and some cantaloupe:

I took the kids to camp and went to Zumba. I didn't burn near as many calories as I did in yesterday's class...oh well....can't win em all!

When lunch rolled around, I went looking through the never ending selection in my freezer and found one last Morningstar Farms Black Bean Burger. I put in on a toasted sandwich thin with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, pickles and mustard. I had some more tomato soup with it. I've really been on a soup and sandwich kick!

I forgot how good those black bean burgers are! I need to buy some more quick! Then it was off to Target and World Market. I am hosting bunco at my house on Tuesday so I wanted to get some candles. We are going to eat outside so I needed some more ambiance. :)

After putting everything away, I grabbed an apple and a string cheese and headed out the door to pick up the kids.

I took them to a birthday party where I avoided the pizza and cake...sort of....I had a couple bites of my son's piece. I always need to know what it tastes like. :) We came home and I whipped up a quick, delicious meal using this new gem from Trader Joe's.:

Be still my heart. I would eat a shoe if it had curry on it. I threw some chicken, broccoli, carrots and onions in a wok and cooked it up. Threw some of this sauce on and voila!
Fabulous!! Love it! Winner, winner....chicken dinner!

Do you like cake with ice cream? The birthday cake today was actually an ice cream cake. I think ice cream and cake were meant to be together! :)


  1. I'm actually the only person who doesn't like ice cream and cake together. (I like them both separately, of course.) I love cake and I really love the thick, real frosting made with Crisco or whatever transfat they use, and don't want it diluted with ice cream.) I really love Costco cake the best!


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