I hope you're ready to sit back and relax because this is going take awhile. I guess you can see by my weight that I had a good time. :) I did....I enjoyed every minute of my weekend and every bite of food and every sip of wine/champagne/etc that I drank. Enough of that....let's get to business.

I last left you Wednesday night. I went out with my sister in law to Cafe Japengo for a little sushi. We started out with some edamame:

Some Chardonnay:

I started with a Poke salad to start:

And then we shared a whole bunch of sushi:

I enjoyed everything! My mouth was definitely happy!!!

Thursday morning, I had a light wheat English Muffin with Barney Butter and cantaloupe:

I took the kids to school and then hubby and I hit the road to LA. We met a friend at Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills for lunch. I decided to start my vacation with a nice glass of vino:

Hubby decided to order sliders for the table so I had to have one (and some of the fries):

For my entree I had the Herb Crusted Salmon salad with the dressing on the side:

This is one of my favorite salads ever. Love it! We had a coupon for a free slice of cheesecake so we had to order it of course! Hubby let me pick so I choose the Carmel Pecan Turtle Cheesecake:

Holy yum. This is my favorite one by far. Ahhhhhhhh.......

We walked around Beverly Hills for awhile and then went to our hotel, Casa Del Mar, in Santa Monica. It's a special place for us because we got married there almost seven years ago. As soon as we checked it, hubby broke out the champagne we brought:

We took our glasses out to the jacuzzi and hung out for a little while. Then it was time to get ready and meet some friends in the lobby bar for dinner. I had a couple glasses of Chardonnay. For my dinner I chose the shrimp flatbread:

It was just ok. It was served on a cracker type bread which I thought was weird. I would have preferred it to be on a thicker bread. The sauce and the shrimp were good though. It was not very filling so I shared some of hubby's fries. Those were really good. :)

A friend told us that their desserts were pretty good, especially the "sliders". Chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches. Of course we had to order that!

He was not wrong. OMG. Best chocolate chip cookies ever. EVER.

I stayed for a little while longer and then went to bed. The bed at this hotel is awesome by the way.

We met everyone for breakfast Friday morning at the hotel's restaurant. I tried to keep it healthy since the day before didn't go so well. :) Egg white omelet with tons of veggies, sliced tomatoes and some unpictured wheat toast:

It was yummy and a great way to start the day. We walked around for a bit after breakfast and then I decided I needed to get some good calorie burn in. I decided to go for a run along the Santa Monica boardwalk. It was so nice!!! Perfect weather and tons of people to look out. I busted out 3 miles and felt great! I hadn't ran in almost 3 months because of P90X so I was glad I still could do it. :)

I quickly cleaned up and met everyone for lunch, again at the hotel. I ordered the turkey cobb salad:

Fabulous. I also had a glass of Chardonnay and shared a few more of the hubby's fries. Those fries were amazing. Of course we had to have the "sliders" again!!!

These had whipped cream on top so I couldn't pick them up. No worries. The fork did the trick. I will seriously miss these little guys!

Then I decided to take a nap. Such a great idea!!! I woke up and got ready for the rehearsal dinner which was held at I'Cugini in Santa Monica. The table shared some caprese:

There was also a cheese pizza for the table. I didn't get a picture because it went to fast. I did manage to grab a slice though. :)

We were then served a Casear salad:

For my entree I choose the seafood pasta:

It was really good!!! We were served a dessert tray for the table consisting of tiramisu, banana chocolate cake and something else that I don't remember. The tray was demolished before I got a picture. I did try a bite of tiramisu.

We all went back to the hotel bar and hung out for awhile. After several more glasses of wine, I went to bed around 1AM. That's crazy late for me. Good thing I had a nap!!!

We all met for breakfast again Saturday morning. There were no egg whites for me that day. I needed the real deal. I had a half an English muffin with some butter to start. Mmmm....carbs. :)

Omelet with cheddar, mushrooms, and asparagus with a side of potatoes and avocado:

Hit the spot. After breakfast I went back to bed. In fact, I stayed there until around 3PM. I ordered room service for lunch. BLT with a salad:

I had some wine that I brought as well. Ahhh...the life. I only got out of bed to eat. Then it was time to get ready for the wedding. I never got a picture in my new dress. :( Normally I have the hubby do it before we leave the room. But he was in the wedding party and was already gone so I forgot. But I loved the dress and got a lot of compliments on it! :)

The ceremony was beautiful. We all went out on the patio for the cocktail hour. I had a glass of Chardonnay and a couple of the passed appetizers: a mini cheeseburger, a shrimp cocktail and a crab cake.

After about an hour, we came inside. The first course was mushroom ravioli:

Then we had a mixed green salad.....looks like my camera ate the picture. Oh well. I choose the halibut for dinner:

And of course I had to have some wedding cake:

Between all of this, I danced my butt off. I was wishing that I had my heart rate monitor on.....I bet a burned a ton of calories!!! Too bad I erased all that hard work by having Tommy's burgers at 3AM!!!

Oh yeah....it was GOOD. Really GOOD. After that, I went to bed. Can't tell ya the last time I stayed up that late!

When we finally rolled out of bed yesterday, we got dressed, all packed and headed over to the post wedding brunch. I had a half a bagel with cream cheese, lox, tomato and cucumber along with some quiche:

I had some coffee cake after that. Then it was time to drive home. Once we got settled at home, it was time to return to reality and go do some P90X. Fortunately it was Yoga day....don't think I could have handled anything else!

When I got back we took the kids for dinner at Pei Wei. I ordered the kids honey seared chicken with brown rice and veggies:

Today's breakfast was Fage yogurt with Fiber One cereal and strawberries:

I took the kids to school and then went to Lisa's for P90X. Today's videos were Legs/Back and the Ab Ripper. All was well....feels good to get back on track!

It's time to make lunch and go pick up the kids. I'm going out to dinner tonight with my sister in law so I'll let you know all about it tomorrow. Healthy foods only of course! :)


  1. Looks like you had a blast! And those cookies look amazing, I want one.

  2. Looks like a fantastic weekend! I love weddings.

    Oh, and those cookies are making me drool!

  3. WOW all of the eats - amazing! The seafood pasta looks ridiculous!! And I had edamame this weekend too - love it!


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