So last night's dinner was one of my favorite Trader Joe's items: Orange Chicken. I served it with their microwave brown rice and broccoli. I put a bunch of Sriacha sauce on the rice. You know I like it spicy! :)

I had a rude awakening though....my hubby commented he couldn't believe that all that food was the point value I have been stating all this time. So I check out the package again and he was right. :( The sauce wasn't included in the nutritional info and I was estimating the serving size wrong. I was seriously bummed out. I thought I was going to have all these points left over for granola. Nope. Instead I went with a one point Weight Watcher chocolate cake (one of the new things I bought yesterday):

It was pretty decent for one point. But I was still bummed out.

This morning's breakfast was Fage yogurt with Fiber One cereal and strawberries, blackberries and raspberries:

I took the kids to school and went to Great News for a cooking class. Today's class was called Pacific Rim Favorites.

First up was the Crab Spring Roll with Pickled Ginger Sauce:

It was good!! What's not to like about a spring roll though?

The next one I thought I wouldn't like because of the fruit (you know I don't like fruit with my food). It was entitled Spicy Strawberry, Napa Cabbage and Spinach Slaw with Crunchy Almonds and Ginger Sesame Dressing:

I liked it! I didn't mind the strawberries in it! I loved the crunchy almonds in it.

Next up was Pan-Roasted Asian Rubbed Salmon with Asparagus and Ginger Beurre Blanc:

This was really good! The salmon had a sweet rub on it that caramelized.

The next one was my favorite: Spicy Sesame Lime Marinated Top Sirloin with Ginger Cilantro Noodles:

This might well be the best marinated steak I've ever had. And the noodles were so good. ahhh.

Dessert was Coconut Shortcakes with Tropical Fruit and Cream:

Mmmmm......yummy little sammies of fruit and whipped cream...what's not to like? Great class today as usual!

I had to run over to Nordstrom to buy a gift, then I came home and chilled for a bit before it was time to head over to Lisa's for P90x. Today's video was Kenpo. Not too much to report there...it's not a super hard video.
Now it's time to get dinner ready and all that good stuff. See ya!


  1. I've never heard of kenpo? I'll have to look it up!

    That sucks - I HATE when I think I have something down then i'm like oh.... no... it's way more calories than I thought. Grrr.


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