Last night's dinner at Piatti in La Jolla was yummy! I had two glasses of red wine over the evening. I had some of their bread and dipped it in their amazing oil concoction that has red pepper flakes, garlic and a whole bunch of other yumminess! I started with their Mista salad:

It was a little boring so I put some balsamic vinegar on it. Mmmm....much better! For my entree I had the Linguine Pescatore for my entree:

There's mussels, clams, calamari, white fish and shrimp in there. Nice. I ate it all of course!! For dessert I ordered raspberry sorbet:

I was trying to be good but I did end of having several bites of my hubby's apple cake. It was amazing. Mmmmm.....
Breakfast was fabulous scrambled eggs:

I scrambled some egg beaters with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, spinach and a Laughing Cow original swiss cheese wedge. The Laughing Cow made the eggs so creamy and delicious...I loved every bite!! I did put Cholula on top and had an English muffin on the side.

I started the laundry and went over to Lisa's for the Shoulders & Arms video as well as the Ab Ripper video for P90X. We haven't done this video in a few weeks so I'll be sore for sure. Since we write down our reps/weights each time we do these videos, I was able to see that I'm getting stronger....I was able to up my weights for several of the exercises! Great feeling!

I came home and only had 30 minutes to get myself and my kids fed before my nail appointment so I went with this:

I added some sugar snap peas on the side:

Wow....I was really impressed with this! It was great! I'll definitely repurchase it. I was a little worried how the fish would taste but it tasted flaky and delicious!

I went off to my nail appointment and came home and had a snack: Special K granola with vanilla almond milk and some green tea:

I wrapped a ton of birthday gifts for parties my kids have coming up, finished the laundry and had a glass of this:

So I decided to use food coloring and change my daughter's medicine from white to pink (her favorite color). I told her it was a new medicine. So far so good.... she doesn't love it but she's taken it twice without any fight. Cross your fingers!
Alrighty....I need to sign off and make dinner! Enjoy your evening!


  1. that linguine looks sooooo tasty!! i am a total carb 'whore' and can never turn down a good plate of pasta! i found your blog thru carrots and cake....looking forward to reading more! ~terri


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