Last night's dinner was leftovers I pulled out of the freezer. It was Beef, Cheese and Noodle Bake from Cooking Light, I believe. I paired it with some veggies: zucchini, onions, garlic, red bell peppers and mushrooms:

With some Cholula on top, it was excellent! For dessert I had a bowl of chocolate cheerios with almond milk:

Breakfast was Kashi Honey Sunshine & Fiber One cereals with almond milk and strawberries:

I read about adding Fiber One to your other cereals to bulk them up and add fiber from HungryGirl.com. And what a great idea it was!

I took the kids to school and went to Zumba. Oh Zumba, how I've missed you!! It was a great class as usual....except for the lady that kept changing her spot after every song. Then she kept putting her water bottle down in a different place each time and always couldn't find it. I guess there's always one of those. :)

I came home and quickly got cleaned up, had a quick snack of Progresso Light soup and wheat toast:

Then it was time to head over to my daughter's school for her Passover function. Afterwards I went to Subway for lunch. I decided to keep my points low (we are going out to dinner tonight) so I went with a veggie delight on wheat:

It was good! Sometimes I feel that I can't taste the turkey in it so why bother? I'm just curious how long it will keep me full without the protein. Only time will tell....

I picked up the kids from school and we came home. My mother in law is here visiting so I probably should wrap this up and go hang out. Peace out.


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