I had a great time at bunco last night! The host chose to have everyone bring healthier items this time. I struggled with this because, for me, bunco my time to splurge but in the end....it was much better for me. :) I decided to make Gina's Tuscan White Bean Sundried Tomato Dip:
All the food everyone brought was delicious! My plate:

Let's see....there's chicken skewer, shrimp vindaloo (my fav!), bean salad, chicken & brown rice, and taquitos (she said they were healthy because there was lettuce on them). :) I was sad because there was no chocolate for dessert but I got over it. :) I more than made up for it with the three glasses of chardonnay I had.

I slept fabulously last night! It was the first night that my daughter slept through the night since she's been sick. She felt a lot better today. :)
Breakfast was a light english muffin with Barney Butter and a side of strawberries:

I took my son to school and then went to Zumba. It was glorious as usual!

I came home and picked up the hubby and went to Subway for lunch:

The white bread situation from the other day was apparently positive. I really liked that white bread the other day so I rolled with it again. I had it toasted this time. I think I like it not toasted better....it's spongier. :) We went next door to Sweet Things for some frozen yogurt:

I picked up my son from school and went to Target. I came home and started cleaning out my closet. I discovered a few days ago that most of my nicer dress pants were too big. Big problem to have right? :) So I need to get rid of some stuff!!

We decided to take the kids to our club for dinner. I had a much needed glass of vino:

I had spent the 30 minutes before we left trying to get my daughter to take her medicine. It was a nightmare. ugh. Only 8 more days left of that medicine.

We started with Caesar salad:

I also had a small piece of garlic bread. I choose the Chicken Marsala with no pasta but extra veggies instead:

It was so good!!!!! I also had a couple of bites of my kid's ice cream. It's time to get the kids ready for bed.....I'm ready for bed myself! Good night!


  1. No chocolate for dessert?! That wouldn't be allowed in my crowd. :-)

    that glass of chardonnay looks so refreshing. I've been drinking mostly red lately, and now that has me craving a chard.

    Have a great night!


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