Last night's dinner at Donovan's Steakhouse was really good! We got there before our friends so I ordered a glass of Merlot. When we were seated, the hubby ordered a bottle of cab for the table. Double fisting it...yeah!

I had a piece of their warm bread with butter. I could not resist. It was especially tasty! I had the chopped salad with no hearts of palm (what the heck are those anyway?) and no bacon with their balsamic vinaigrette dressing:

Loved it! For my entree I had the salmon with extra veggies instead of potatoes. Check out their "extra" veggies:

Wow...they really went overboard with the veggies huh? :) I had some raspberry sorbet for dessert:

Sorry about the dark picture....it tasted fabulous! I did steal a couple of bites of hubby's cheesecake. Much more fabulous. :)

This morning's breakfast was an egg beater sammie on a toasted sandwich thin with a slice of low fat swiss cheese and a side of cantaloupe:

I took my mother in law to the train station, then the kids to school and then it was Costco time!
I didn't get anything new and exciting but these somehow made their way into my cart:

I have tried and tried not to re-purchase these things but I couldn't hold out any longer. Plus, I'm actually starting to believe that they help me lose weight. :) When I was eating them, I lost the most weight....really! :) So of course I had a handful when I got home.
Then it was off to Lisa's for the Chest & Back video as well as the Ab "Crapper" video for P90X. I was rocking out on the push ups I must say. I bet my upper body will be sore tomorrow!

Lunch time rolled around and I went with a wrap with hummus, spinach, red bell pepper, and shredded carrots:

Amazing. I love hummus.

So now I need to pay bills and do some boring stuff. I have Ladies Night tonight so I'll need to get dressed for that in a little bit. Yes...another restaurant! Ugh....I'm excited about tonight but I need to stop eating out for awhile and get back into gear. I think this is the last dinner out I have for awhile so that's good. I hope everyone has a great evening and I'll see ya tomorrow!


  1. Yeah you got hooked up with those veggies, haha. Oh well, at least the salmon looks divine!

  2. Mmmm...I love Donovans, and I love double fisting it! Wish I had a group of gals for some ladies night fun!

  3. That meal looks great even if they forgot half the veggies! :)


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