I brought out another new Trader Joe's product for dinner last night:

I grilled them on my stove top grill pan and served them with brown rice and peas:

It was really good!! Hubby liked it as well. Check out the Sriracha on top of the rice. Yeah! I decided on some Special K granola with dried cranberries and almond milk for dessert:

I really like this granola....but I don't think I've met a granola I didn't like. :)

Breakfast was an egg sandwich on a bagel thin. I put a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese in the egg beaters and let it rip in the microwave. Nice.

We are going to LA tomorrow to the watch a hockey game and hubby decided to take the kids a day early to visit with their cousins. I'll take the train tomorrow and join them. So...off they went and I went to Lisa's for P90x. Today's video was Core Synergistics. I forgot how much I despise that video. There are some crazy push ups going on. The P90X peeps love their push ups. We had planned on doing Zumba afterwards so that's what we did. I know, I know....you'd think I would have learned my lesson from before. Doing both is HARD. But I made it through and was still able to walk so that's good right?? :) Doing Zumba and the Yoga video is very doable but not sure about the rest.

I did have lunch to look forward to:

We ate at the grill at our sports club. We all had our favorite tuna salad on....salad. It's so good. I drizzled balsamic vinegar over it and ate the entire thing. Yes there is tuna under all those veggies.

I changed and headed off to the mall. With the family gone, what better way to spend the rest of the day than shopping? I am going to two weddings this year and need two new dresses. There will be mostly the same people at both weddings so I definitely need two different dresses. I had success! I found two beautiful dresses right away and jewelry to go with both. Great Success (in Borat voice).
I came home and got the laundry started and poured one of these:

Then it was time to get dinner started. Another new Trader Joe's product!

It was quick to prepare and I ate it on top of the leftover brown rice from last night:

I ate the entire bag. :) It was just veggies and a little shrimp so no harm done....it was only 3 points for the whole bag. Very nice!

Guess what.....another new product for me:

I do not like popcorn. But kettle corn...that's a different story. It's so addicting. Fortunately, this was a nice portion controlled bag. I enjoyed it!
Now I'm in bed, watching this week's American Idol and getting ready to go to sleep. I'm a 33 year old grandma...seriously. But I love it. :)


  1. Grandma, oo-ma-ma...will never get over that Lady Ga-Ga reference! Hysterical!

    Love your dresses...planning on borrowing the one dress if I ever get to be as slender as you are now! If we keep up all this exercise with the low-cal food intake, should be a "given"!

    Way to go, girlie!

  2. I really like that TJ's shrimp stirfry.

    Enjoy your glorious "me time."


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