Last night's dinner at Firenze was incredible as usual! I thought about trying something new but at the last minute, went with my current favorites. We shared a bottle of Merlot for the table and I split the Chopped Caesar salad with the hubby to start:

I love the dressing on this salad. My entree was my usual: Calamari Marinara:

I wasn't planning on having dessert at all. Hubby wanted to order the creme brulee but they were out. So he went for my favorite: Chocolate Lava Cake!

I had a few bites and stopped. It was heaven. Ahhhh. Firenze....oh how I love thee!!

Breakfast was Fage yogurt with Fiber One cereal and strawberries and the last of the blackberries:

I took my son to school (my daughter is feeling better but no ready to go back to school), went to the post office and came home to take my daughter to her follow up doctor appointment. Everything is looking good! Yeah!

For lunch I went with Amy's split pea soup:

I wanted to keep it light since I have Bunco tonight. Yeehaw! I picked my son up from school, came home and made my appetizer for tonight. Recipe and pics tomorrow!

I had a bagel thin with Laughing Cow cheese for a snack:

Mmmmm...good snack!! I went over to Lisa's for the YogaX video from P90X. All was well.

I had some Progresso Light soup when I came home:

Now I need to get ready for Bunco tonight. (Yeah wine!). Have a great evening!


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