145.6…16 Wings & A Bottle Of Wine

Last night we went over to my friend’s house for our semi-monthly “hot wing night”.

January 2012 274

I love hot wings like nobody’s business. We have spent the entire NFL season perfecting hot wings. I think our recipe ROCKS.

My husband was out of town last night so it was just me, my friend and her husband. We all love wings with an immense passion. My husband doesn’t really get it. When we have “wing night” we have to make another dish so that he has something to eat besides wings. We call it “filler”. Since my husband was not in attendance last night, we skipped the “filler” and got right down to business.

January 2012 275

We still had salad otherwise we seem like real gluttons. Let’s get real though: salad is filler too. We just want the wings.  My friend and I set personal records last night with wing consumption. We each ate 16 hot wings. It was glorious. We also shared a bottle of wine. Did I mention gluttony? Did I also mention something lately about eating healthy? I cannot recall…

Things went back to normal at breakfast this morning:

January 2012 276

Fage mango yogurt with strawberries and blackberries.

I took the kids to school and went to spin class. Thank goodness I’ve been working out….that’s all I have to say.

I came home to get ready for our friend’s new baby’s bris. After the ceremony, we had lunch.

January 2012 277

Bagel with lox, cream cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers as well as pasta.

I went back for some sweets and coffee:

January 2012 278

It was great seeing my friends’ new baby and catching up with old friends.

Tonight is Bunco and we are actually going out this time….to sushi! More eating! Woo hoo!

If nutrition was not a concern, what would be your ideal dinner tonight?

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  1. A little sushi, wine, and cake with a ton of frosting! :-)

  2. Well now that you just had to post a picture of ridiculously yummy looking hot wings that is what I would have for dinner ;)

  3. I would eat 3-4 cheesy slices of pepperoni pizza and I'd drink a bottle of Miller Light with it. Perfection.

  4. If we ever got together I'd do a chicken wing throw down - I think I could eat 16 too! :D

    Deep dish pizza with pepperoni and sausage - I never get sick of it. :D

  5. i would prob go for a filet med well, a loaded baked potato and some really good bread. maybe a fruity girly drink while i wait. oh...but i just saw the words olive garden over to the right. hmm... tiramisu sounds divine. day 2 for me of healthy eating. so far, so goodish.


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