144.2…Birthday Carbs

Yesterday was my daughter’s 5th birthday and my sister in law’s birthday. We went to her house to celebrate. When we arrived, there was chips and salsa a-plenty. I enjoyed some chips and salsa with my wine.

Dinner was hot dogs and hamburgers. I enjoyed a hot dog….

January 2012 042

….and a hamburger.

January 2012 043

Those were the only choices for dinner so you can’t blame me for eating badly. In any account, I enjoyed it immensely. All birthday celebrations should involve copious amounts of carbs.

And birthday cake.

January 2012 059

Whoops. I guess it didn’t make the picture.

After my carb-fest 2012, I thought some non-carb items would be good for today. Like Fage yogurt with berries for breakfast:

January 2012 060

I took the kids to school and went to Cardio Muscle class. I got my butt kicked. I got my a** handed to me. I got whooped. I think you get the picture.

After that torture, I went to relax while getting my nails done. Then it was off to pick up some lunch and my daughter from school.

I picked up a salad and a chicken kabob from Luna Grill and ate it when I got home. I was STARVING.

January 2012 061

It was delicious. Beyond delicious. I’m glad no one saw me eat it….it would have been ugly.

I picked up my son from school and came home to FINALLY shower. Ick. Tonight we are going to a friend’s house for dinner. I love when other people cook for me!

Any fun plans this weekend? My daughter’s gymnastics birthday party is tomorrow and we have lots of family coming into town.

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  1. Happy birthday to your daughter and to you sister in law

  2. That salad and kabob look delicious! We are going to a birthday party at this great Chinese restaurant tomorrow, so I see lots of cardio in my future on Sunday!

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter and SIL!

    I am still at work - sucks ass - I should be drinking wine by now!

    Happy Friday!

  4. happy birthday to the bday girls! We went to a super yum restaurant last night - Roka akor - where the chef just sends out food....i think we had about 7 courses plus dessert? its japanese - so robata and sushi...tempura lobster, etc....ugh. so full. diet begins today!


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