142.8…And Old Favorite

After my big lunch yesterday, I was not hungry for dinner. I ended up eating a few Wheat Thins and called it a night.

After cleaning out my pantry yesterday, I re-discovered an old favorite: Barney Butter!

January 2012 369

How did I forget about you old friend!?! Barney Butter is the best almond butter ever, in my opinion. It made its way into my breakfast this morning.

January 2012 370

English muffin with Barney Butter and an apple.

I took the kids to school this morning, went to Cardio Muscle class and then met the girls for our Slim in 6 video session. This is our 3rd week and we do the same video (Ramp It Up) this week that we did last week. It’s getting a bit old now. I’m looking forward to switching it up next week.

Afterwards we all went to Subway. I ordered my new favorite: roasted chicken on wheat. This time I had them add a ton of Buffalo hot sauce!

January 2012 372

It was a bit messy to eat but it rocked. I think next time I’m going to skip the mustard and go right for just Buffalo hot sauce.

I went grocery shopping, picked up the kids from school and came home for a snack.

January 2012 371

Babybel cheese and grapes.

On tonight’s agenda: Make dinner. Go to bed. Simple as that.

Have you re-discovered any old favorite foods lately? 


  1. I STILL haven't tried Barney Butter! I'm so behind!

  2. @Megan
    Get thyself some Barney Butter STAT. Then thank me later. :)

  3. Grapes! I haven't grapes in awhile - I guess should probably pick them up. I love adding them to yogurt. Throw in a little crunchy, high-fiber cereal on top - SO good! Wow, I'm really excited for snack time now. :)

  4. Cottage cheese - I love it, but always forget to buy it. My husband came home with a container of the pineapple kind and I totally dominated it. You have to watch out, though, because it is full fat and has as many calories per serving as ice cream!

  5. @Meg
    Wow! It's a good thing I don't really like cottage cheese. :)


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