144.6…Back At It

After my cleaning extravaganza yesterday, we all needed to get out of the house for dinner. Off to PF Chang’s we went. I went the lower calorie route and ordered the Shanghai Shrimp with Garlic Sauce with brown rice.

January 2012

I ate every bite and loaded it up with chili sauce. Nice and spicy.

Keeping with my healthy eating routine for the new year, I incorporated something in my breakfast that I haven’t eaten in awhile: fruit.

January 2012 001

Seriously…I cannot remember the last piece of fruit I had. Today’s fruit was especially good: a grapefruit from my mother in law’s tree. These grapefruits are the best. I also enjoyed a piece of wheat toast with Teddie peanut butter.

I did something else that I hadn’t done in awhile: I went to the gym. I went to Cardio Muscle class and had my a** handed to me. I guess that’s what you get for not working out for awhile and eating a whole bunch of junk for the last few weeks. Ah, the holidays.

I came home, showered and made lunch. Nothing exciting to look at. It was the same thing I ate yesterday.

January 2012 002

It might not be exciting for you to look at but it tasted fabulous…again. Turkey sandwich, Creamy Cole Slaw and Mexican Bean Salad.

I took down the Christmas tree (boo!) and took my daughter to the dentist.

Hubby got an Il Fornaio gift card for Christmas/Hanukkah and wants to use it tonight. Hopefully I’ll be able to make healthy choices and avoid the bread basket and wine list.

What healthy choices did you make today?


  1. You reminded me to start eating more fruit. I usually eat some with breakfast every morning but the holiday definitely made me lose some of my healthy eating habits. Time to get back into the swing of things!

  2. Instead of eating chips I ate some almonds!

  3. I have hit the restart button on my eating thanks to some resolutions but I'm not home from vacation yet and watching my aunt's 3 kids so it won't be perfect until I get home. And my body is more than ready!!!

  4. Instead of eating because I was tired at 8pm after eating dinner at like, 5.30, I just grabbed my book and went to bed! I woke up this morning feeling awesome after 9 hours of sleep and at a great bowl of oats for breakfast! Great way to get back on track after the holidays!

  5. I got my ass outdoors for my walk/run at lunch (run a song/walk a song) when it was 26 degrees and with the wind felt like 15 degrees! :D

    OMG, I would totally get this if I were going to that restaurant!

    Tagliata Chianina* 26.99
    Beef tenderloin grilled rare and sliced, balsamic vinegar and green peppercorn sauce; served with sautéed organic spinach and roasted Yukon Gold potatoes

  6. @Biz
    That caught my eye on the menu too! Maybe next time!

  7. @Kristen @ Change of Pace
    I usually eat fruit with breakfast everyday too but that escaped me this holiday season.

  8. I recently found your blog, and I have to say you are super awesome to post your weight in every blog...I'm sure that is good motivation to make good choices! :)

    Today, I took my dog for an afternoon walk in addition to the walk we will take tonight. The sun was shining and calling my name!

  9. yay for starting off the year right!! went for a run last night for the first time in a while...trying to keep it healthy :)

  10. @Maureen
    Super awesome, maybe. But super crazy...yes! :)


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