145.0…And A New Year Begins

Happy New Year!!! I have good feelings about 2012!

Last night I enjoyed a fabulous four-course New Year’s Eve dinner with friends at Pamplemousse Grill.

We all enjoyed a champagne toast to start the evening.

December 2011 319

With our champagne we each received an Amuse Bouche: Porcelain Spoon with Herb Gnocchi, Parmesan Cream & Shaved Black Truffles:

December 2011 320

Bad photo but believe me, it was excellent. I was wishing they would have brought me a big bowl of it!

The first course was a choice of salad. I chose the Prosciutto & Baby Arugula Salad with Smoked Prawns, Red Endive and Citrus Vinaigrette:

December 2011 321

This salad was amazing. The prawns were perfectly smoky and the prosciutto was tender and delicious.

The second course was a choice of risotto. I ordered the Risotto with Butter Poached Lobster & Baby Artichokes.

December 2011 322

This was my favorite course. You could taste the butter in each bite of lobster.

My choice for the third course was a Duo of Creekstone Prime New York & Braised Short Rib Agnolotti with Sweet White Corn and Sautéed French Beans:

December 2011 323

The final course was dessert. I opted for the Milk Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding, Maple Gelato & Variety of Berries:

December 2011 324

Good choice! The bread pudding was excellent. 

Hubby and I were home by 11:20. Somehow we managed to stay up to see the New Year, then crashed.

My New Year started fabulously this morning as I was able to sleep in until 8:30. Thank you kiddos!

I brewed a pot of coffee and started a project that I’ve been meaning to tackle for awhile: cleaning out/organizing all the kids’ toys and their rooms. Eventually I realized I was hungry but when I looked at the clock, it was almost noon! I guess that meant breakfast was long gone. It was lunch time!

December 2011 325

Lunch was a variety of leftovers. A turkey sandwich, Creamy Cole Slaw and Mexican Bean Salad.

Then it was back to work. I got so much accomplished. Love that feeling!

So…let’s get to talking about New Year’s Resolutions. We all make them right!?! Well, this year my resolution is to get rid of excess. Excess weight, junk in my home, etc. So, here are my goals in 2012….let’s see if I can stick to them:

Get back to my happy weight of 135

Finishing organizing/cleaning out home

Pretty simple right? :) Tomorrow I will begin by going somewhere I haven’t been in over a week: the gym. :)

What are your New Year’s resolutions?


  1. That dinner looks so good, especially the prawns. I am not a big resolution person but I do really want a year full of good workouts, yummy food and wine and a fantastic trip or two.

  2. I am getting back to 135 too...enough of this crap! :)happy new year!! oh, I am cleaning out kids stuff today and yes its a great feeling!

  3. Ooh I wish I had the motivation to organize my 2 yr old's room!
    My "resolutions":
    - gain 25-35 pounds
    - eat lots of ice cream
    - wine detox until July

    Have a healthy little munchkin due July 9th :-)

  4. @Mo

    Congrats lady!! At first I read your comment about detoxing from wine and thought "that is a terrible idea!" but now I get it! Love!!


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