144.6…Life Gets In The Way

Sometimes life gets in the way of healthy eating. Let’s take this past weekend for example, shall we?

Saturday was my daughter’s birthday party at a local gymnastics place. We had some family stop by beforehand so we picked up Los Primos for lunch. I had a chicken burrito.

January 2012 075

That’s was all that was in it: just chicken. Kind of weird. Even some lettuce would have been nice. Oh well. I guess I got my protein requirement in for the day.

The birthday party was a great success! My daughter loved it, all the kids had a blast and I didn’t eat any cake. Success!

A bunch of family came back to my house and I put out a bunch of different appetizers: chips/dips, cheese and crackers, etc. I had some wine and a bit of each of the appetizers.

For dinner, we kept it easy and picked up Chinese food at a local place.

January 2012 261

I had a bit of everything. The family left, I got the kitchen cleaned up and went to bed.

Yesterday morning I thought I’d start the day on a healthy note:

January 2012 262

Fage blueberry yogurt with raspberries and strawberries. Then it was time to load up the car and hit the road for my parent’s house near Los Angeles. Every other year my brother goes to New Jersey to spend Christmas with his wife’s family. So we do a “Fake Christmas” and celebrate with my parents after. This time we also were celebrating my and my dad’s birthdays (we were born on the same day: December 16) because we all haven’t had a chance to get together since.

As soon as I arrived, I got down to business with the wine, cheese, salami and crackers.

January 2012 263

I think I could live on this combination of foods.

We opened gifts and just hung out. We also have a traditional in my family that the birthday person(s) get to choose what to have for dinner. My dad and I agreed on Zankou Chicken. 

January 2012 264

I ordered the beef schwarma plate. It comes with hummus, garlic sauce and veggies. Love.

Then it was time for birthday cake! This year we went with an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.

January 2012 271

Yes, that’s Gold Medal Ribbon flavor.  My favorite. After that it was time to head home.

This morning’s breakfast was a toasted English muffin with peanut butter and a grapefruit.

January 2012 272

I took the kids to school then went to Cardio Muscle class. After my butt whooping, I ran some errands and picked up lunch at Milton’s Deli.

January 2012 273

Chopped salad. I love chopped salads….this one has everything!

Tonight is HOT WING night!! Get ready for some spicy photos! :)

Favorite ice cream flavor?


  1. I am impressed that after an indulgent weekend your weight barely changed at all! It goes to show that portion control and your healthy breakfasts go a long way.

  2. echoing the " thank goodness for exercise"...i think that is the only thing I am hanging on to! I have been really pretty good since sat, since my husband is travelling! I always do better when he is gone. I am actually going to a WW mtg tomorrow - eek! trying it with my friend for 12 wks. I have done it in the past but has been YEARS since I went to a mtg.

  3. oh, and I love Chocolate chip ice cream, where the chips are shaved...yum!


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