143.0…Getting Down From The Ledge

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to loose a few pounds and have been doing great but a moment comes where you want to throw it all out the window and just go nuts. Last night I had that feeling. I wanted to open a bottle of wine and get crazy! I had to talk myself down from the ledge. I told myself I could have some wine if I promised I would eat healthy.

September 2011 012

Sometimes I have to repeat mantras like “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” in order to stop an attack of the munchies.

To make matters worse, we had one of my friend’s son spend the night with us and my husband wanted to take all of us to Claim Jumper for dinner. What the heck am I supposed to eat there!?! I checked out the menu and decided on the Rotisserie Chicken.  I decided if I took all the skin off it wouldn’t be so bad. Plus it came with roasted veggies!

September 2011 014

I had to choose a second side and none of them really appealed to me so I ordered the potato cakes for my husband. Have you ever had these??? I hadn’t and tried one. Holy cheesy potato goodness! They were covered with some kind of sauce which I could have done without. The two bites I had of these things were amazing. :) 

I think I did pretty well even if my roasted veggies were doused in oil. You can only do your best right?

While the husband made pancakes this morning for everyone, I toasted a cinnamon waffle and added Teddie Peanut Butter and some cantaloupe on the side.

September 2011 015

I went to spin class and  came home to chill for a bit. Lunch was a huge salad with every veggie I could find in the fridge:

September 2011 016

I watched the USC football game with glee in my heart. I missed college football! 

The kids have been asking for banana bread so I whipped up a batch. Of coarse I had a slice….I love it when it’s warm out of the oven.

September 2011 017

Tonight we are going to a friend’s house for dinner. I just whipped up an awesome dip using Frank’s Hot Sauce that I’m going to bring tonight. I just tasted it and it’s amazing….a perfect dip for tailgating/watching football!  It’s completely unhealthy and I’ll share it with you tomorrow.

Do you have healthy eating mantras that you repeat to yourself in moments of weakness? :)

Are you a college football fan? Favorite team?


  1. ABSOLUTELY! I'm answering that question from Auburn, AL - saw the Tigers win today although it was a miserable game with a major lack of defense. Ugh!

    I wish I had some mantras - hehe! I like yours - need to adopt it!

  2. I always just try to make a healthy choice and balance the not so healthy ones. Sometimes you just need to go satisfy the craving and move on! I truly believe that everything in moderation really works.


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