143.8…On The Road Again

Ugh…we just got home from Vegas. There was SO much traffic! It only took us 4 1/2 hours to get there on Saturday and almost 6 to get home today. Boo!

Yesterday we met a friend at Grand Lux Cafe in the Palazzo Hotel for lunch. We all split the spinach artichoke dip. Why is that stuff so good!?!

Las Vegas Sept 2011 029

I ordered the lunch pizza and salad:

Las Vegas Sept 2011 030

After lunch I went shopping at the Palazzo and Venetian hotels. Not too much to report on except a couple pairs of cheap sunglasses. :)

I met my husband back at our hotel, The Cosmopolitan, for some gambling. Then it was time to head to the sports book to watch some Monday Night Football.  We ordered a slice of pizza and wings. I just ate two of the wings….I didn’t want to ruin my dinner.

Las Vegas Sept 2011 031

While we were watching the game, a guy walked into the sports book wearing a robe, slippers, sunglasses on his head and was carrying a bottle of tequila.

Las Vegas Sept 2011 044

Only in Las Vegas.

We went back to our room and some of our friends came up to join us for a drink. An awesome thing about the Cosmopolitan hotel is the balconies! Check out our view of the Bellagio water show:

Las Vegas Sept 2011 048

Of the strip:

Las Vegas Sept 2011 049

Then it was time to go to dinner. Here is the dress I bought the other day:

Las Vegas Sept 2011 050

We walked over to Mastro’s Ocean Club for dinner.

Las Vegas Sept 2011 042

The restaurant has a special “outdoor” section that looks so cool:

Las Vegas Sept 2011 039

Las Vegas Sept 2011 040

It almost looks like a space ship. We got to eat inside the “space ship.” Pretty cool!

I enjoyed a glass of wine:

Las Vegas Sept 2011 032

And we all shared a huge seafood tower:

Las Vegas Sept 2011 033

They even lit it up:

Las Vegas Sept 2011 034

Fancy Schmancy!

I split a bone-in Filet Mignon with my husband and had some creamed spinach.

Las Vegas Sept 2011 036

It was aaaaaamazing!

We all shared a chocolate lava cake for dessert:

Las Vegas Sept 2011 037

I was so full when I left there….good thing that was all we were doing. I barely wobbled home. :)

This morning I grabbed another iced latte from downstairs. This time I went with the Irish cream flavor. Eh. I liked the English toffee better.

Las Vegas Sept 2011 038

I also bought a yogurt parfait.

We got packed up and hit the road for home. I already knew what I wanted for lunch.

Las Vegas Sept 2011 043

Chipotle!!! I’m now addicted! 

I miss Vegas but I’m glad to be home. I missed the kids and am ready to get back to my healthy eats!

Have any healthy goals this week? Me: get back into the gym and watch my calories. I brought my gym clothes to Vegas…too bad I never worked out. Oh well.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time in Vegas. I love Vegas...all the shopping and dining and hotels. I could care less about the gambling.

    LOVE your dress! You look fabulous!

  2. Fun time in Vegas! I love the dress too--gorgeous!

  3. It's my birthday week so I am trying to reign myself in! You look rocking in that new dress perfect for Vegas!

  4. Wow, spectacular dress and you look stunning.

    My goals for this week were to mix up my fitness routine. So far, so good. I took a Ballet Barre class today and I'm doing hot yoga tomorrow. I haven't done either of these in months.


  5. That is a great dress! Vegas is all about indulgence. What can you do?

  6. very cute dress!! i'm so bad at working out or staying healthy on vacations - not worth it :)

  7. OOoh I lurrrve your dress! And wow look at all the food. You are making me hungry!


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