142.8 yesterday; 145.4 today…Labor Day Burgers

How was your Labor Day? Mine was great…except for the fact I may have over done it in the wine and food department as is obvious from the crazy change in my weight!

Sunday afternoon I snacked on some watermelon.

September 2011 030

And enjoyed a lovely glass of wine.

September 2011 031

Dinner had been cooking in the slow cooker all day and I was really excited to try it: Crockpot Chicken Taco Chili.

September 2011 032

It was awesome! My husband declared it the best chili ever! We had some Hawaiian sweet rolls laying around so I served them with the chili. I ate one with a bit of butter.

September 2011 033

Yesterday morning I had my current favorite breakfast: toasted cinnamon waffle with Teddie peanut butter and an orange.

September 2011 034

I went to Cardio Muscle class, came home to quickly change and then we all went to Jake’s Del Mar for lunch.

I enjoyed a glass of wine while watching the beautiful view.

September 2011 035

September 2011 036

….or so we thought….all of sudden it start pouring rain! Rain on Labor Day in San Diego?? Huh??

I started with a house salad:

September 2011 037

For my entree I ordered a veggie burger. The fries were for the kids but I did try a few….they were freaking delicious. 

September 2011 038

After lunch we stopped by a friend’s barbecue. I had some more wine and some seriously good bean dip. I mean this stuff rocked.

Next up was dinner at my sister in law’s house. I snacked on some more chips and salsa….

September 2011 039

….and more wine.

September 2011 040

And then burger number two of the day happened.

September 2011 041

It was such a great burger! There really is nothing like a burger right off the grill!

And to top things off I had some apple pie with whipped cream.

September 2011 042

I really let the diet slide for Labor Day but I enjoyed myself so that’s all that matters!

Today is was back to business as usual….well, almost.

I had a bowl of Fiber One Honey Squares with almond milk and some watermelon for breakfast.

September 2011 043

I took the kids to school, ran a couple of errands and then went to Great News for a cooking class. Today’s class wasn’t the most healthy but it was super delicious: Oodles of Noodles!

The first recipe was my favorite: Spinach and Shrimp Lasagna with Creamy Tomato Sauce:

September 2011 044

The sauce totally made the whole dish! Amazing!

The next recipe was Sausage and Mushroom Tortellini Bake with Basil Pesto:

September 2011 045

So rich and comforting. Loved it!

Next up was Spicy Grilled Chicken with Thai Rice Noodles with Carrots, Red Peppers, Bean Sprouts and Peanuts:

September 2011 046

This one was good but needed more spice in my opinion. The sauce was a bit too sweet for me….I would make it spicier.

Next up was Dan Dan Peanut-Sauced Whole Wheat Noodles with Roasted Hoisin Pork and Vegetables:

September 2011 047

This was quite good. The peanut sauce was made with super chunky peanut butter….delicious!

The last recipe was Sweet Cranberry Noodle Kugel:

September 2011 048

I’m not a fan of Kugel at all….too sweet for me but I liked this one better that any I’ve tried. :)

My husband is at a friend’s house putting together his fantasy football league so I’m on my own for dinner. I’m not super hungry after all the carbs I ate at class so I’ll just whip up something light and quick. Have a great evening!

Did you go overboard on Labor Day or did you keep to your healthy eating plan?

Name one food that you don’t like that you wish you did.  Me: olives…although I’m working on it!


  1. Hawaiian Rolls are THE BEST! :)
    Love Veggie Burgers, and all the wine and the pasta!
    I didn't exactly go overboard on labor day, but while your fries were for your kids, I split mine with my stepmom! :D


  2. Your Labor Day weekend eats look yummy! I think I kept things pretty balanced. My breakfasts were pretty similar to yours with a bowl of Kellogg's FiberPlus Caramel Pecan crunch or a couple of their buttermilk waffles thrown in. And I only had one dessert the whole weekend, and given my sweet tooth, that's pretty good. :)

  3. Well, as long as you get back on the wagon 1 slip up isn't too bad. The weather was crappy Monday. I didn't have plans so I wasn't as bummed out. You can see our dinner on my blog. Nothing fancy but yum. I wish I liked soooo many things that I don't. I'm picky.

  4. It looks like you had a fabulous labor day and good food! We didn't have any plans this weekend so we did a whole bunch of spontaneous things....which may or may not having included "accidently" drinking 2 bottles of wine. Whoops! If I could pick a food..... more fish. For some reason I don't like cooking it.


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