142.8…Sweet Stadium Eats

I am not a fan of baseball. I think it’s a boring game. After a few innings, I’m over it. But what I am a fan of is eating at baseball games.

Last night at Petco Park, the food did not disappoint. I was glad to see they had wine.
September 2011 208
And a ton of delicious looking options for food. I told my husband I’d split something with him and he came back with the most drool-worthy French fry concoction I had ever seen. Carne asada fries. The fries itself were perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They were topped with perfectly cooked carne asada, nacho cheese, chopped tomatoes and cotija cheese. 

This is what was left of them by the time I remembered to take a picture:
September 2011 209
It may look like a mess now but trust me, it was a beautiful creation. My kids enjoyed pizza, French fries, cotton candy and peanut M&M’s (I stole some of those). Everyone was happy. :) Oh yeah, San Diego won.

There was no school today so I got to sleep until 7AM (a luxury) and there was no mad rush to get out the door. I leisurely enjoyed a cup of coffee and ate breakfast two hours later than normal.
September 2011 210
I sautéed some onions and a jalapeno, added egg beaters and topped everything off with shredded cheddar cheese and stuck it all on a La Tortilla wrap with some taco sauce. I rolled it up  and ate each bite with Cholula hot sauce.

I went to Zumba and came home to change. I found a frozen challah in my freezer from last September. I had made two and froze of of the doughs. I decided it was now or never…either bake it or throw it away. I defrosted it and added some egg wash and a bit of sugar and cinnamon to the top.
September 2011 211
It looked kinda sad. You couldn’t even tell I braided it before. It’s bad enough that it’s been in the freezer for a year but what’s even worse is that it has been defrosted and re-frozen THREE times. Once when my freezer broke, once when the power went out and another time when the freezer door was left open all night.
So….I baked it and it turned out ok. Doesn’t look or taste like challah though. Maybe more like a sourdough? :)

I just got back from an awesome tasting at Noodles & Co restaurant in Encinitas. I cannot wait to tell you all about it tomorrow! Stay tuned!

What’s your favorite stadium food? I normally eat hot dogs but those fries were too good to pass up.

Do you make your own bread? Favorite kind(s) to make?


  1. Oh, my favorite stadium food is hotdogs. You can't go wrong with a delicious ballpark frank!


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