143.0….Why I Love Vacations

Yes, there is a scale in my hotel room. But really….who wants to weigh themselves in Vegas!?! I guess just me….you put a scale in a room and I will stand on it.

After a crappy sleep (too much wine, to bed too late), I revived myself with breakfast: Starbucks skinny vanilla latte and a Luna chocolate protein bar. I didn’t like the bar, I only ate half of it.

Las Vegas Sept 2011 022

Ahhh! Much better! I got dressed and we got packed up and moved to our new hotel, The Cosmopolitan. We stayed MGM just for fight night which worked out really well. No stress is trying to get there or get out after the fight.

Since it was National Cheeseburger Day yesterday, I felt it was only appropriate to order a cheeseburger for lunch. We ate at Holstein’s in The Cosmopolitan. I really enjoyed their burgers the last time I was here so I was excited to eat there again!

Las Vegas Sept 2011 023

This time I ordered their classic burger with provolone cheese and steak cut fries.

Las Vegas Sept 2011 024

What a great burger! Loved it! I ate every bite. :)

If you haven’t figured it out, I love to eat but I especially LOVE to eat on vacation. I have what I call, vacation stomach. The minute my vacation starts, I am constantly hungry. It’s quite dangerous actually.

What is also dangerous is shopping while on vacation. While the husband watched football, I went shopping at the Aria hotel. It wasn’t as dangerous as I had feared (hoped)….I only bought one dress. But a great dress at that! I will have to post a pic!

When I got back to the room, I found that the husband had brought up chips and guacamole. Don’t mind if I do!

Las Vegas Sept 2011 025

Forgot to mention that while I was shopping, I was sipping on champagne. Only in Vegas right? I think all the walking around (and champagne) made me tired so I laid down for bit. Love vacation naps. Next thing I know it was 10PM and my husband was waking me up to see if I wanted dinner. Huh? How did I nap for FOUR hours!?!

Well I’m not one to pass up a food opportunity so I got up and we headed downstairs to The Henry for a quick bite to eat.

I ordered French onion soup:

Las Vegas Sept 2011 026

And a wedge salad:

Las Vegas Sept 2011 027

And then I went back to bed. :)

Today I feel rested and ready to go. I grabbed an iced English Toffee latte and ate a Fiber One bar.

Las Vegas Sept 2011 028

Eventually I will get my lazy but in the shower and see where the day leads us.

Tomorrow our vacation ends and we have to drive home. Tonight we are meeting some friends for dinner. I think I will fill my day with some more eating and some more shopping. Why not? I’m on vacation, right? :)

Does anyone else get “vacation stomach” while on vacation?

Did you celebrate National Cheeseburger Day?


  1. Doing anything while on vacation is just that much better. Eating...sleeping...shopping. Awesome. The only hotel I ever stayed at with a scale was the Bellagio. You bet I used it!!

  2. I get vacation stomach and holiday stomach! The burger looks awesome and the toffee latte sounds divine. Enjoy your last night!

  3. I had no idea it was National Cheeseburger Day yesterday! But I did cook turkey burgers for dinner so it worked out! :)

    I love vacation and especially eating during vacation! So, yes I get vacation stomach. I love all the food that you've been eating! Hope you have a great rest of your vacation!

  4. I love eating on vacation! It's the best part ;)

  5. Oh yes, I do! I get that I must try everything I can mode...who knows when I'll be back? Glad you're enjoying your time!


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