144.8…Mini Meals

Last night I kept things super easy and simple for dinner. Even though it was 90 degrees out, soup sounded so good! I heated up a can of Trader Joe’s pea soup.

September 2011 049

I love pea soup. Reminds me that I need to make a batch soon!

I forgot to mention that I got highlights put in my hair last night. I feel like me again! I look so much better!

Breakfast this morning was a toasted piece of raisin bread with Teddie peanut butter and some watermelon.

September 2011 050

This picture makes the raisin bread look so small! 

I took the kids to school and went to a meeting at the school. Then it was off to the gym. Today’s class is normally Zumba but we changed things up and did a mix of kick boxing and weights.

I ran out the gym to my nail appointment and ate an apple and a Babybel cheese in the car.

September 2011 051

Turns out the nail place was remodeling and was closed for the day. They didn’t have my number so the lady who does my nails was waiting for me in front to let me know that the salon was closed. That was super nice of her to come all the way from home just to let me know…..although I was annoyed that I  had to come down at all. Oh well! It gave me some time to run a few errands.

Since I was going to be out all day, I packed a bunch of snacks so I wouldn’t have to stop for lunch. On the way to my dentist appointment I had a Flat Out wrap with some Better N’ Peanut Butter on it.

September 2011 052

After my appointment, I ran into the grocery store to pick up some fruit and veggies and then picked up the kids from school. On the way home I had a Kashi trail mix bar that went unpictured.

Today was definitely a mini-meal type of day. I don’t like it. I’m totally the three meal-a-day person with  one or two snacks. When I eat smaller little meals throughout the day, I just don’t feel satisfied.  Call me old-fashioned. :)

Are you a mini meals or a 3-meal-a-day type of person?

What recipe is on the top of your “To-Make” list?


  1. I'm the same way! Mini-meals don't cut it - I usually end up overeating later on to make up for it.

  2. I like to eat 3 meals and 1-2 snacks as well.

    My "to try" list is never ending but right now it's heavy on desserts! :-)

  3. I'm a mini meal person. I rarely eat three squares a day. I'm more of a snacker.


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