144.6…Weekend Bliss

Wow…that weekend flew by! Maybe it was because I was having an absolute blast! You know what they say: Time flies when you’re having fun!

Friday night I kept things easy and heated up some Chicken Taco Chili that I had in the freezer. I added shredded cheddar cheese and onions.

September 2011 185

I also made cornbread for my husband but I didn’t eat any. I was saving my calories for the weekend!

Saturday morning I woke up early, got dressed and packed and my friends picked me up. We stopped at Starbucks for some coffees.

September 2011 173

And Einstein Bagels for breakfast. I had a whole wheat bagel thin with egg whites and cheddar cheese.

September 2011 187

Then we hit the road for Orange County. We went straight to South Coast Plaza (one of the best malls ever) to do some serious shopping. After awhile we were hungry so we stopped at Z Tejas for lunch.

September 2011 188

The group:

September 2011 179

From left to right: Ann, Dina, Annette (one of the birthday girls), me and Julie. Lisa was taking the picture, Nicole is not in the photo (that’s her hand stirring her margarita) and the other birthday girl Lauren was still shopping.

I enjoyed a lovely glass of wine:

September 2011 189

For lunch I ordered their Chopped Southwestern Salad. It was loaded with all kinds of goodies and was tossed tableside. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it before it was tossed. After it was tossed it looked like a huge mess but it tasted really good!

September 2011 190

We shopped a bit more then headed to our hotel: Marriott Newport Coast. Lauren & Annette got us a villa so we had plenty of space for all seven of us. We also were treated to a photo session from a professional photographer! We all got dressed up and took some nice pictures! I can’t wait to share them when I get them. For now you’ll have to deal with the few pics I do have. :)

September 2011 146

Dina, Nicole and myself.

September 2011 147

Top row from left to right: Annette, Julie, Dina. Bottom row from left to right: Lauren, Nicole and myself.

I had a blast….Lauren and Annette cooked us dinner which never made it to my camera. I think it’s because we were all being too silly. Guess what happens when you leave a bell cart in our room?

September 2011 135

You ride it of course!

We may have had a dance party too.

Sorry the video is sideways. I have no idea how to fix that.

We finally got ourselves together and made our way to Sutra, a dance club.

September 2011 180

After a whole lot of dancing we sat down outside on the patio until the club closed at 2AM. I can’t tell you the last time I was up that late.

I also can’t tell you the last time I partook in late night fast food either.

September 2011 191

Yep. That’s about a million tacos from Jack in the Box. Not all for me of course but close. :)

By the time I fell asleep it was probably close to 4AM. When we finally got up around 9AM, I was ready to eat again. Lauren and Annette whipped up some eggs, turkey bacon and potatoes. I made an outstanding breakfast burrito using a spinach tortilla, guacamole, eggs, turkey bacon, potatoes and some Jack in the Box hot sauce. :)

September 2011 192

We packed up and hit the road for the mall again! Annette found some awesome stuff at the Michael Kors store and they gave us all champagne. Now, that’s the way to shop!

September 2011 182

We stopped for lunch at this little cafe that made the best paninis.

September 2011 193

I ordered the prosciutto and cheese panini. It rocked my world. The cheese was so buttery and melty.

All good things must come to an end and we hit the road for home.  What a fabulous weekend with my friends!!

This morning it was back to basics. Whole wheat waffle with Teddie peanut butter and watermelon.

September 2011 194

The kids were off to school and I went to Cardio Muscle class. It was a good one today…I’m going to be sore tomorrow!

After class I went to Trader Joe’s. We really needed some food in this house. When I came home, I made lunch: Grilled cheese with turkey slices and tomatoes and some roasted red pepper and tomato soup:

September 2011 195

I just got back from picking up my daughter from school. The rest of the day involves picking up my son, taking my daughter to a doctor appointment, dropping my husband off to pick up his car from being repaired and make dinner. Whew!

What was the best thing you ate all weekend? I have to say that there was a tie between the panini and the tacos. You may think I’m crazy but I love those tacos!


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