American Music Awards Recap

It’s been a crazy past couple of days! Last night’s American Music Awards was a blast but let’s rewind first!

Friday night I went out to sushi at Market Restaurant with Lisa.

November 2010 142

Wine! Edamame:

November 2010 143

And lots of delicious sushi…

November 2010 144

November 2010 145

November 2010 146

The sushi there is pretty amazing. I loved all the yellowtail rolls the best! I can’t wait to go back for more sushi!

Saturday morning the kids slept in so I did too! Yippee! Breakfast was an egg beater burrito with shredded cheddar cheese and salsa:

November 2010 147

I went to get my nails done and then we all hit the road to Orange County to celebrate my mother in law’s birthday. I was pretty hungry when I arrived so I ate some snacks that were out. No picture. I also didn’t take a picture of my dinner…to much chaos. :) We went to Buca di Beppo and there were 20 of us…mostly kids. Yeah…chaos. But the food was good! I had Caesar salad, pizza and tons of pasta. We drove home and hit the hay.

Sunday morning I was allowed to sleep in a little too! I made an egg sandwich on whole wheat toast with a slice of Swiss cheese:

November 2010 148

Then my husband and I hit the road for Los Angeles. We checked into our hotel. Somehow my husband got us on the floor that has a club room with tons of free food. Lunchtime!!

Plate number one: smoked salmon sandwich, veggie sandwich, Greek salad:

November 2010 149

Some champagne to go with lunch:

November 2010 150

Plate number two: roast beef sandwich, a piece of cheese and more Greek salad:

November 2010 151

Plate number three: another salmon sandwich and some mixed greens:

November 2010 152

I took a to-go glass of champagne and some cookies back to the room:

November 2010 153

Hubby and I watched a movie and then it was time to get ready for American Music Awards.

We had special passes to view the red carpet. I took a couple of videos but here is one picture I took of Heidi Klum:

November 2010 154

The view from our seats:

November 2010 155

The show was awesome! Here are some of the performers….


November 2010 156

Usher accepting an award:

November 2010 159

Enrique Iglesias:

November 2010 160

Miley Cyrus:

November 2010 162

P Diddy Dirty Money: (another name change????)

November 2010 164

The Black Eyed Peas:

November 2010 166

More Black Eyed Peas:

November 2010 167


November 2010 168

Katy Perry:

November 2010 171

More Katy Perry:

November 2010 172

Justin Bieber:

November 2010 173

Bon Jovi:

November 2010 174


November 2010 176

Ne Yo:

November 2010 182

Taylor Swift:

November 2010 183

Christina Aguilera:

November 2010 184


November 2010 186


November 2010 188

New Kids on the Block and Back Street Boys:

November 2010 190


November 2010 191

Finale of New Kids and Back Street Boys:

November 2010 192

What a fabulous time!!

We walked over to the The Palm restaurant for dinner. Some vino:

November 2010 193

Caesar salad:

November 2010 194

Lobster tail and filet mignon:

November 2010 195

Yum! :) Dessert:

November 2010 196

The salad and the dessert actually weren’t very good but the steak and lobster were. :) On the way out, look who I ran into:

November 2010 197

Katy Perry. :)

So…..that’s about it folks. I need to get dressed and grab some breakfast and coffee STAT!

We will be hitting the road back to San Diego later and will be going to the Chargers Monday Night Football Game tonight!

Have you ever been to an awards show?


  1. Wow, what a fantastic weekend! I can't believe you got a photo with Katy Perry. Now I have 'California Girls' stuck in my head. LOL

  2. That looks like such an amazing weekend! I have never been to an awards ceremony before, but I am sure it must be electrifying!

  3. You've met Katy Perry?!
    Oh, WOW. That's AWESOME!
    I bet the AMA's were a blast :D

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