139.0 yesterday, 138.8 today

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I know I did.

Wednesday night before going to bed I put the turkey in brining bag with the brine:

November 2010 227

Then it was off to bed!

Thursday morning I woke up, got dressed and the cooking began! Somewhere in all of it, I managed to toast some bread and put some peanut butter on it for breakfast:

November 2010 228

I took the turkey out of the brine, washed it and filled it with aromatics:

November 2010 229

Make the apple pecan bars:

November 2010 231

The pumpkin pie:

November 2010 232

Everyone started to arrive at that point.  I set out a bunch of appetizers: hummus, pita chips and carrots; mini pigs in a blanket, chips and onion dip as well as one of the best dips I’ve ever made. I call it taco dip and I served it with tortilla chips. You put a block of cream cheese, a block of Velveeta, 2 cups of black bean and corn salsa and a packet of taco seasoning in the slow cooker and turn it on low for 3 hours. Magical. :)

After a whole look of cooking, the dinner came together. My rolls:

November 2010 233

These were from the Thanksgiving issue of Food Network magazine. I found them to be way to doughy and biscuit like. But some of my guests like them. :)

Everything was ready! The mashed potatoes, peas, stuffing, gravy and the creamed corn:

November 2010 234

The turkey was carved by me (I really need practice with this, it was kind of a mess):

November 2010 235

My plate:

November 2010 236

Everything was awesome! I loved the brined turkey!!! Yeah! I will do it next year for sure!

I had a little bit of everything for dessert: apple pecan bar with my homemade vanilla bean ice cream and pumpkin pie with freshly whipped cream:

November 2010 237

I had such a nice Thanksgiving! I loved how organized I was….I was able to spend time with family and get the meal on the table. I got most everything cleaned up and went to bed.

This morning I finished the cleaning up and made breakfast:

November 2010 238

You’ve seen it before: an egg beater burrito with salsa and shredded cheddar cheese.

I started the laundry and then went to Cardio Muscle class for a sweaty workout. When I came home I was hungry for lunch. I reheated some of the white shells and tuna pasta that I made Wednesday night:

November 2010 239

Then I started a major project: removing all the baby locks from all my kitchen/laundry room cabinets and removing all the electrical outlet plug covers. I’ve been at it for awhile and my knuckles are all bloody. Yuck. But this needs to be done…my kids are 5 and almost 4. Geez.

I need to get back it. I’ll be glad when this is done!!!

I plan on using up a ton of leftovers in tonight’s dinner. I’m excited! Oh….I’ve been munching on the “doughy” rolls today. They actually taste better today!

November 2010 240 

Did you brave the crowds to shop today?

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  1. Your Thanksgiving feast looks incredible! Everything :)
    I did not face the crowds. I went to one store, but it wasn't really busy - and it was after 9 ;)


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