Yeah for date night! Hubby and I went to my favorite restaurant last night: Firenze. Yeah for half price bottle of wine night!

November 2010 303

Yeah for my favorite salad: Chopped Caesar Salad:

November 2010 304

And Yeah for a delicious big bowl of pasta:

November 2010 305

This one was fettuccini, mushrooms and peas in a tomato sauce with a touch of cream. Delish!

November 2010 306

Breakfast this morning was a low fat waffle with almond butter and some cantaloupe:

November 2010 307

After taking the kids to school, I dropped my car off to get a DVD player put in. I had one in my old car and the kids ask me every day when they get to watch movies again.

Then it was off to spin class….what a great workout! I came to class kind of tired but decided about 10 minutes into class to really give it my all. I’m glad I did!!

I came home to change and throw together a quick lunch. I reheated the last of the Trader Joes shells and added more peas and some black bean and corn salsa. It was a great combo!

November 2010 308

I ran some errands: Home Depot and Costco. I came home with only one unexpected item:

November 2010 309

LOTS of cheese. I’ve been in the mood for cheese lately and don’t have actual slices of cheese. I immediately made a cheese sandwich for a snack:

November 2010 310

Fabulous! I ate it on the way to pick up the kids. Ok, it’s just about time to get dinner started…..I’m using the rest of the Thanksgiving turkey tonight. Stay tuned….

What has been the best vacation you’ve ever taken?

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  1. My best vacation by far was our honeymoon to St. John in the Virgin Islands!

  2. Date night rules! My best vacation was Vegas!!

  3. My best vacation was to Croatia--gorgeous and completely surprised by how much I loved it.

    Also, you and your husband are so cute--love that you have date nights!!


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