I really enjoyed last night’s dinner! We went to Bice Restaurant in downtown San Diego. They are located in the gaslamp district and serve Italian food. They have an amazing cheese bar in which we were able to sample of their cheeses.

I had a glass of Chardonnay:

November 2010 069

We had some cheeses sent to our table. The waiter raved about one of the cheeses as being his favorite. It was composed of cow’s, goat’s AND sheep’s milk.   I was really excited to try it…..unfortunately it tasted just like a petting zoo to me.  That’ the only way I could describe it and my fellow dinner mates agreed. The other cheese were quite delicious though!

One of our friends ordered the tartare trio to share. I did not snap a picture, I just dug in for fear of not getting any. It was amazing. It had tuna, salmon and another fish that I cannot remember. I would definitely order it again!

For my entree I choose the Papardelle pasta:

November 2010 070

It was wide noodles covered in a spicy (I asked for it spicy of course) tomato vodka type sauce. It was out of this world! 

Overall I enjoyed Bice. It had a romantic atmosphere and the food was excellent. After dinner we walked to a nearby gelato place. Behold the gelato of my dreams:

November 2010 072

NUTELLA CREME!!!! Be still my heart (and waistline!). What a fun night!

This morning the kids woke me up at 5:50am. Um…there’s no school today….why are you up SO early??? Coffee was immediately brewed and my day began. What a day it was!!!

Breakfast was an egg beater and swiss cheese sandwich on a light wheat English muffin. I had some cantaloupe to go with it:

November 2010 073

I went to Zumba and showered and got ready for the day…..car shopping! My lease is up and I need a new car.  We visited one dealership and then it was time for lunch. We were close to Lucha Libre, a famous taco shop in San Diego, so went went there. Lucha Libre was featured on the San Diego episode of Man V. Food. After much deliberation, I went with the Surf and Turf burrito:

November 2010 074

It had marinated steak, shrimp, avocado slices, rice, pico de gallo and their special chipotle sauce.

November 2010 075

Holy yum! What a fabulous burrito! I ate about 3/4 of it….it was huge!! I could have eaten the entire thing but I restrained myself. :)

Next it was off to the next dealership where I finally purchased a new car. Yeah me!!! 

I’m still full from that burrito so I skipped dinner entirely. I did, however, bake 5 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange party I’m going to on Sunday. I felt like a baking machine. You’ll have to wait until Sunday to see what I made. :)

What’s your favorite type of cookie?


  1. My favorite cookies are sugar cookie cutouts with frosting!
    So what car did you get???


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