Wow!! What a fun weekend!!! I hope everyone had a nice Halloween!!

Friday night we went to our club with some friends. I had a glass of Merlot while we waiting for our table:

October 2010 223

Once we were seated I had another glass of wine. Hubby and I split the wedge salad:

October 2010 224

Actually, I ate it all. It came with bacon on it and hubby doesn’t eat bacon so he just gave it all to me. Score! For my entree I ordered the sea bass with manila clams:

October 2010 225

And for dessert….the messy sundae!

October 2010 226

Saturday morning I had an egg sandwich…a real egg sandwich:

October 2010 227

Sometimes egg beaters just don’t cut it when you want the taste of a “fried egg” sandwich. I cooked some turkey slices next to the egg and put them on a wheat English muffin with Swiss cheese. I got everyone packed up and we hit the road for Los Angeles.

We picked up some Taco Bell (bean burritos!) and took it to my parents house. After lunch my dad came with us to drop off the kids at my sister in law’s house to play with their cousins. We grabbed my brother in law and his friend and we were on our way to USC for the big game!

We did some tailgating:

October 2010 229

Yes that’s Two Buck Chuck. Don’t hate.

October 2010 230

After our “tailgate” we visiting my friend’s tailgate where I snagged a hot dog:

October 2010 231

Love the plates! We walked around for bit….it was ESPN College Game Day AND Homecoming so there were tons of people everywhere!

October 2010 232

After a bit we made our way in the stadium. Let the game begin!

October 2010 234

My dad and I:

October 2010 235

Unfortunately, USC lost but they were in the game until the end. Go Trojans!

We had to drive all over Los Angeles to drop everyone off. We had plans to have dinner with my brother and his wife and but the time we did, it was really late and I was starving. We ended up at Pink Taco in the Century City mall.


October 2010 238

I ate a ton of chips, salsa and guacamole before my food arrived. Taco Trio: Fish taco, carne asada taco and a short rib taco:

October 2010 239

They were pretty good but I would have eaten my shoe at that point. We went to our hotel and crashed.

Sunday morning, my sister in law dropped our kids off at my parents house. We checked out of the hotel and grabbed some coffee before we picked up the kids.

October 2010 240

I made myself an egg, cheddar cheese and ham sandwich at my parent’s house:

 October 2010 241

We hopped in the car and drove the two hours home. It was a nice peaceful ride…I was driving and everyone else feel asleep. :)

Once we got home it was time to get ready for the Halloween party at our club. It’s called “Trunk or Treat”. Our neighborhood is full of hills, so they have everyone drive to the main club and decorate their trunks. The kids  go car to car Trick Or Treating. They have a DJ, a buffet, jumpies for the kids and costume prizes.

You’ve seen our costumes before. :)

October 2010 244

Sorry the next picture is so small but I can’t get it to look right bigger. It’s Lisa and I:

Lisa and I

She is Katy Perry from the Sesame Street Elmo song. :)

For dinner I had a hot dog and salad:

October 2010 253

Yum!!!! We had so much fun at the party!! The kids have enough candy to last them a year!!!

Breakfast this morning was a low fat waffle with Barney Butter and a side of strawberries and cantaloupe. The cantaloupe still isn’t ripe.

October 2010 254

I took the kids to school and went to an awesome Cardio Muscle class. I will be sore tomorrow!!!

I have dinner with some friends tonight and a charity event tomorrow night so hopefully I’ll be able to blog sometime in between. :)

Did you eat any Halloween candy? So far so good….I’ve only had one mini Nestle Crunch Bar.


  1. OMG I love trunk or treat, how great is that!

  2. What a great weekend - love the look of that messy sundae - fabulous!

    I've had like 6 fun packs of m&ms today... eek! We got tons of trick-or-treaters but apparently not enough. sigh!

  3. I have been eating corn candy like it's goin' out of style. I also may have had a Twix bar and a few tootsie rolls. Probably more on the way since we had a lot lefto over.


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