138.4…Cookie Madness!

The weekend flew by!!! I guess that’s what happens when you’re having fun!!

Last night I finished up the Thanksgiving rolls and popped the dough in the freezer all ready to be baked on Thanksgiving day:

November 2010 082

I was feeling snacky so I heated up some soup before getting dressed for dinner:

November 2010 083

While getting ready to go to our club for dinner, I had a delicious glass of wine:

November 2010 084

Hubby and I:

November 2010 087

They had some great appetizers out:

November 2010 088

I dominated the sushi rolls. I must have gone back like four times.  I also split a wedge salad with my husband but I’m not sure what happened to the photo.

The dessert selection was tempting…I choose a cannoli, chocolate chip cookie and some decadent chocolate truffle:

November 2010 089

After our dinner, we came home and went in the hot tub for a bit and called it a night.

Breakfast this morning was another egg beater burrito:

November 2010 090

This time I put salsa and a Laughing Cow cheese wedge in it. Excellent!!

I got ready for my friend Cathi’s annual Cookie Party. This year I made a recipe from Jessica’s blog: Red Velvet Chocolate Chips Cookies. I set my cookies out one of the display tables:

November 2010 091

Proud cookie baker:

November 2010 095

I set some cookies on the “tasting” table:

November 2010 096

November 2010 097

Check out all these cookies and how beautiful the displays look!

November 2010 099

November 2010 100

November 2010 101

November 2010 102

November 2010 103

November 2010 108

Besides cookies, I had plenty of champagne, cheese and crackers:

November 2010 109

The group:

November 2010 113

After tasting the cookies you had to vote on the best tasting cookies.

November 2010 114

Then you got to fill up your take home container with tons of cookies! I may not have won but look at my loot!

November 2010 115

After the party I went over to my friend’s house where my hubby and the kiddos were. They had just ordered a pizza and I was glad to have a slice of salty goodness to cut all the sweets!

When I came home, I was quite productive! I put up the Christmas Tree/Hanukkah Bush and put all my stuff into my new car.

That’s it folks…gotta make dinner!

Have you ever been to a cookie exchange party?

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  1. I LOVE cookies, but sadly, have never been to a cookie exchange party. Yum! I think I could do some serious damage there!

  2. All of those cookies look delicious!

  3. That's cookie heaven! I've never been, but need to hold one of my own!

  4. Those red velvet cookies look awesome and the table looks dangerous! I've never done that but LOVE the idea - very cool and such a great way to get some recipes!


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