143.2…Early To Bed, Early To Rise

After my exciting weekend in San Francisco for the Foodbuzz Festival, I was in no mood to cook last night. I whipped up a very fast and simple meal.


November 2011 023

And spaghetti with jarred marinara sauce:

November 2011 024

Dinner was done by 5:45PM and it was pitch black outside. When it’s dark out, I get tired. Kids were in bed before 8PM and so was I.

I woke up at 5:30AM to it being light outside. I immediately thought: “get up and seize the day!”. I feel like a farmer: down when the sun goes down, up when the sun goes up.

Breakfast was Blueberry Fage yogurt with strawberries and raspberries.

November 2011 025

My husband took the kids to school and I went to my Cardio Muscle class. We did another ladder type exercise series where we ended up doing 200 squats by the time class was over. My heart rate monitor is getting a new battery put in so I don’t know how many calories I burned but I bet it was a lot!

I went to get groceries at Trader Joe’s afterwards. Our friends are coming over for Monday Night Football (aka Hot Wing Night). I bought copious amounts of wings again plus some other special treats. :)

Lunch was a current favorite: Greek style salad, hummus and pita chips.

November 2011 026

I have lots to do today….better get to it before the sun goes down!

Are you enjoying the time change?


  1. lol! I laughed when you compared yourself to a farmer :)

    I enjoyed reading your foodbuzz festival recaps. Sounds like you had a great time!!

  2. Are those the Trader Joe's Pita chips? I love them so much. I eat them with the cilantro yogurt dip though. I love that stuff.
    What area in SD are you in? I used to live in Chula Vista when my husband was in the Navy. I also worked in Point Loma. I miss SD. A really big city with a small city feel.
    I am 34 too but I have three kids. Just started following you on Twitter in time to get your foodbuzz updates. Yay!

  3. @nerdybaker
    Actually they are Stacey's brand pita chips. So good! I'm in North County SD by Poway. I have lived in San Diego for 10 years and love it! Welcome to the blog!!


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